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About the Talent Now pilot

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The Queensland public sector is piloting Talent Now—a talent mobility solution that enables:

  • employees to find their next career opportunity across the sector
  • managers to find the right talent for their teams.

Over the next 10 years our work, workforce and workplaces will evolve with:

  • the average tenure reducing
  • more team and project-based work
  • retirement age increasing as we live longer lives
  • roles changing as digital technology shifts the way we work and the work we do
  • talent seeking flexibility and choice—an experience, not a job for life.

Talent Now enables the sector to:

  • find and connect with talent quickly
  • provide access to development opportunities for our people through on-the-job learning that you can bring back to your home agency
  • collaboratively identify and share internal resources.

Having visibility of internal talent and being able to quickly access and mobilise skilled people is essential for a future-focused, and agile sector. Talent Now is a strategic imperative identified in the sector’s 10 year human capital outlook.

Download the Talent Now presentation (PPTX, 8.03 MB) to find out more.

Who can use Talent Now?

The pilot is open to all Queensland public sector employees. 

We encourage employees from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and life experiences to register with Talent Now.

Find out how to get involved if you are an employee or a hiring manager

Pilot update

The Talent Now pilot commenced in October 2017 with more than 1300 profiles created across 24 classifications (represented from A02 to SES). The pilot has been extended until June 2019 and now includes over 2300 profiles. Most people in talent now are interested in opportunities.

Talent Now graphic

Don’t miss out on your next career opportunity or to find the right talent for your team—register with Talent Now

Does Talent Now replace the standard recruitment process? 

No. Talent Now provides another way to recruit current employees for short-term roles (up to 12 months). Hiring managers can search Talent Now to find and contact suitable employees before selecting and appointing as normal.

Permanent and temporary roles greater than 12 months must be advertised on SmartJobs. In these cases, you can use Talent Now to point suitable candidates towards your SmartJobs ad. Some agencies have additional requirements with regards to advertising so best to check with your local HR advisor.

Does Talent Now align with Leader Connect?

The Public Service Commission uses multiple channels to source suitable candidates for Leader Connect vacancies of up to 12 months. Talent Now is one of those channels.


Agencies can use the communication toolkit to raise awareness of Talent Now with employees and hiring managers.