Shortlist in Springboard

Add your panel members in Springboard so you can shortlist candidates collaboratively.

Elect whether panel members should see each others' feedback and get a convenient summary report once you've finished.

Find out how to shortlist below.

  1. In your Springboard dashboard, select the job reference number of the role you want to shortlist. (Panel chairs can access Springboard from the email we sent with your unique link.)
  2. In the top menu bar of the job page, select the menu item Applications.
  3. In the left pane of the page, select the folder called Applications.
  4. Select all candidates. If you have more than 1 page of candidates, use the Actions menu to select Across all pages, then Select All Candidates.
  5. Select Actions, then Review Tools, then Request Feedback.
  6. Confirm the number of candidates to be assessed, the position details and list of candidates.

    If you have sent a shortlisting request to your panel previously, select the checkbox, Include all candidates who have had requests for this feedback step, at the bottom of the list of candidates. This sends all applications, (including late ones, if your vacancy has closed) to the panel so they can be assessed against each other.

    Select Next.
  7. Enter the panel members' details and your own, if you're the panel chair. (You need to enter your own details to have your contributions appear in the shortlisting feedback report.) Select Next.
  8. Add comments for panel members if required. Select the date feedback is due, and whether you want panel members to see each others feedback. Make your selections in the checkboxes and select Finish.

Panel members will receive a link to shortlisting in Springboard via email.

If you have been emailed a link to Springboard to shortlist candidates, select the link and verify your identity.

Panel chairs

From the Springboard dashboard, select the job then select Applications to see all candidates. Select a candidate to see their application. In the Resume panel, use the dropdown selection box to see the candidate’s CV and cover letter.

At the top right of the page, select the flag icon to rate the candidate Yes, No or Maybe.

Leave your feedback in the field, Enter your screening comments.

Use the PREV and NEXT arrows at the top of the page to move between candidates.

Panel members

On the Springboard review page, select the Resume and Applications icons in each candidate's box to see their CV and cover letter.

Select No, Maybe or Yes to rate the candidate.

Add comments in the Provide feedback field. These will appear in the feedback report.

Select Save to retain your work at any time.

If the panel chair opted for panel members to see each other’s comments and ratings, you can select Feedback by Other Reviewers for a PDF feedback report.

When you’ve finished reviewing all candidates, ensure you’re satisfied with your work before selecting Confirm & submit. This will deactivate your Springboard access.

Use folders

The panel chair can move candidates into folders to reflect their status in the process. This is optional.

To see folders, select the job from your dashboard, then select Applications from the top menu bar. Folders are in a panel to the left of the page.

The All, Current and Applications folders show all applications for the role.

Drag and drop candidates from Applications to Sent to panel when they are forwarded to the panel for shortlisting.You can select multiple candidates to drag and drop.

Move candidates to Shortlist when they are selected for interview (or the next stage of your shortlisting process).

Likewise, move candidates to Not shortlist, Offer and Appointed when they reach these stages of selection.

You can’t move candidates to the Unsuccessful folder—this is used by QSS Recruitment.

Select any folder to see the candidates it contains.

How do I get a PDF of all my applications (bulk print)?

With online shortlisting in Springboard, you no longer need to do a bulk print of candidates’ applications. Use the instructions above to have your panel assess and rate candidates online.

If you do need to print all your applications or save them as a PDF, follow these steps:

  1. In Springboard, select New/Current under Candidates to open your candidate list.
  2. On the Candidate Review page, use the Select Action button located in the bottom section of the applicant grid to generate the bulk print.
  3. Select individual candidates using the tick box to the left of their names or select candidates across all pages using the Select Action button, then selecting Across all pages, then Select all candidates.
  4. Dismiss the confirmation message.
  5. Select the Select Action button, then Review Tools,then Bulk print.
  6. Enter a file name and select the desired print fields.
  7. Select the checkbox, Email the file. Enter an email address to receive the print file, then select BULK PRINT to finish.

The bulk print download link will be active for 7 days. If you need the PDF file for longer, save it somewhere secure.

If your panel has finished shortlisting candidates in Springboard, get a report of all panel members’ comments, decisions and rankings.

Right click on the folder Applications, then select View feedback.

Save or print your PDF document.

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