DM - Newsletter Edition 12

We’re finally here. We’ve done it – woohoo!

We can’t say it enough – thank YOU to everyone for your ongoing support and efforts to make the transition as successful as it has been. It hasn’t been without its hiccups, but we appreciate everyone’s positive response to getting to this stage.

Below is a recap of the what’s coming up this week. A reminder to reach out with any questions or concerns as we settle into the new ways of working in the Command.

Fireworks illustration

Induction session update

In relation to the induction session booked for 2 November, unfortunately this has been cancelled due to disaster management operations related to the ongoing fires. This will be rescheduled and we will send out another appointment.

We have tried to cover off in this edition of the newsletter information that is critical for this week and you will be provided with an Induction guide later this week.

Transition week!

Transition Week Road Map - Updated

We’ve got everyone in on the selfie game this week, and Jayde (our Comms Officer) even forced some of our staff in the SDCC to participate, much to their chagrin.

DM Newsletter - Staff photo

Payroll/Aurion access

We have received reports that some staff are unable to access QPS Aurion. Any staff that have previously been employed by either QPS or PSBA and have had their QPS/PSBA employee profile reactivated may have issues with logging on to Aurion (ESS). If this occurs, staff will need to contact QSS directly on 1300 146 370 and explain they have transitioned back to QPS and request that their profile be ‘uninhibited’.

If you are unable to access ESS from the intranet, then please access via the External Access: QPS and look for the ESS icon. It may take some time to load it for the first time. It may take up to 48 hours for your ESS access to be enabled. To sign in please enter your new payroll number (beginning with a 4) and password.

If you are still experiencing issues, please call QSS on the above number or email Deb Wise, Senior HR Business Partner EMCC via email to HRBusinessPartnerEM& and it will be escalated to QSS as a matter of priority during hyper care period, which will be the first fortnight following transition.

Following the hyper care period, normal channels of communication regarding payroll issues with QSS will resume.

Image of a error message in Aurion

ICT contacts

During the hyper care period, you will have access to Technical Support Officers. Please see below table for your reference.

You can Teams call or email the below contacts should you have any issues. If your issue is out of business hours, you will need to call ICT.


Contact person

Central - Mackay

Brenden Goerg

Central - Rockhampton

Brenden Goerg

Northern Region - Mount Isa

Chris Bedson + Neil Smith

Northern Region - Townsville

Chris Bedson + Neil Smith

Brisbane - Kedron

David Modini

Brisbane - Kedron

Gururai Baji

South West Region - Roma

Ross Harrison

South West Region - Toowoomba

Ross Harrison

South East Region - Beenleigh

Steve Rogers

North Coast Region - Caloundra West

Steve Wheeler

Far North Region - Cairns

Steven Ahiladellis

Document classifications

You may have noticed that all your documents and emails have automatically become “OFFICAL” post the ICT transition. This is automatically applied by the QPS ICT system. Should you wish to remove this, please see below.


Select “Sensitivity” and select “Unofficial”.

Screenshot of a new message window in outlook

For Office 365 documents/PowerPoints/etc:

Select Name at the top of the document, drop down, select “Sensitivity” and change classification to “Unofficial” or suitable alternative.

Screenshot of a MS Word interface


Handling of QFES pre-transition expenses after transition to QPS

Purchase orders (PO)

New QPS PO or QPS recreation of a former QFES PO:

  • Goods receipt to the new PO per new standard practice.

PO that remained in QFES:

  • Do not pay and provide details to who will forward it to QFES. Include QFES cost centre/ GL coding details, endorsement correspondence and supporting documentation if possible.

GPEV/Corporate cards

Lower Value invoices:

  • Make payment as per QPS process and advise for tracking expenses purposes and reconcile with QFES as needed. Include QFES cost centre/GL coding details if known.

Higher Value invoices:

  • Do not pay but forward to to reconcile with QFES. Include QFES cost centre/GL coding details, endorsement correspondence and supporting documentation if possible.

If you haven't cancelled your QFES Corporate Card
you need to do so ASAP.

Finance - Cancelling a Corporate Card.pdf - All Documents (

As a reminder of what was in the Finance Transition Guide:



Cease using QFES corporate card for payments

26 October 2023

Ensure any existing direct debit arrangements are transferred to a new QPS corporate card where applicable.

26 October 2023

Complete the Corporate Card cancellation form (CC3 Cancellation form) and destroy your QFES Corporate Card. The form will be signed by your current Corporate Card Manager.

Submit the signed form to

26 October 2023

Card holders complete all transaction coding in ExpenseMe Pro

30 October 2023

Card holder Manager to approve all transactions in ExpenseMe Pro

31 October 2023

QFES FinOps Corporate Card to process cancellations

31 October 2023

QFES certificates

Please note QFES will be sending out your certificates in due course. Below are some happy snaps of staff receiving theirs from A/AC Boniwell.

Photos of QFES staff being given certificates

Lets get into the QPS related things you need to be aware of

EMCC SharePoint (Gateway equivalent)

The QPS Intranet is a weird and wonderful place. Please take some time to explore and get yourself really comfortable.

Sharepoint screenshot

The EMCC SharePoint page is located here. There are links to EMCC and QPS templates on this page, should you need them.


ITAS is the QPS rostering platform. All sworn and unsworn staff must have their rostered shift and overtime entered into ITAS. The ITAS roster for EMCC will be managed by the Superintendents/Director and monitored by the Business Support Officers. A key benefit to ITAS is a central location for managing leave!

Reporting unfit for duty

Please refer to the ITAS user guide for instructions (page 258) in relation to reporting a member unfit for duty.

Be On the Look Out (BOLOs) and Officer Safety Alerts

BOLO’s and Officer Safety Alerts are produced to aid in the identification of suspects, vehicles, or property, after other investigative avenues have been exhausted. A BOLO should provide a summary of the relevant information in relation to the specific matter.

This information can be sent out to a specific region/Command or all QPS staff, depending on the kind of inquiries being conducted. These matters may include information which can be confronting.

Should you not wish to receive these, we recommend that you create a rule in your Microsoft Outlook to have BOLOs/Officer Safety Alerts moved to a different folder.


Workplace is the official QPS communication tool, providing a dedicated, authorised, and secure space for employees to connect, collaborate, share, innovate and learn, irrespective of role or location.

Further information can be found here: QPS Workplace (

We invite you to follow two pages:

Social media policy

Social media provides many benefits to both the individual and the Queensland Police Service (QPS), including building relationships, sharing knowledge, increasing visibility, and creating connections. To ensure you have a positive and safe online experience, it is important to regularly audit your personal social media presence and remain compliant with the QPS’s Use of Social Media Policy

QPS Values

Our Vision: Queensland - the safest State.

Our Purpose: Together, we prevent, disrupt, respond, and investigate.

  • Our values are at the core of who we are and what we do each and every day, as members of the Queensland Police Service.
  • Our values of Integrity, Professionalism, Community and Respect and Fairness were introduced in late 2019.
  • Integrity - Is in everything we do. We are honest, trustworthy and hold each other to a high standard.
  • Professionalism - Times are challenging but if we are professional in everything we do, our communities will continue to support us.
  • Community - We support each other and lend a hand to ensure we can respond to community needs as well as the needs of our policing community.
  • Respect and Fairness - We treat each other and our communities as we would like to be treated ourselves - with fairness, dignity, and respect.

"Our values are not just who we are and what we do; they're who I am and what I do."

Learn more here: QPS Values (

graphic that outlines the QPS values



All QPS personnel are automatically provided with access to the Ignite Learning Management System (LMS) as a Participant (learner). Access to Ignite is from the QPS intranet SharePoint home page as depicted above.

Once your employee record has been created in the Aurion HR database, your personnel data will be imported into Ignite overnight and you will be able to access the system the following day. As a Participant, you can search for courses, self-enrol, and complete some courses (e.g., Online Learning Products), submit a request to your manager to attend face to face training events and more. Further information can be found at Ignite Help and Training (

For new staff members, there are several compulsory onboarding learning products, including ‘Declarable Associations’, ‘Accessing QPS Information’, and more. New staff members are automatically enrolled into these courses in Ignite.

These learning products must be completed (or enrolled where training is face to face) within three months of commencement. Additionally, there are also several compulsory state-wide annual training products, which may be applicable to your role. If applicable, these courses require self-enrolment through Ignite.

The compulsory training for staff members including both onboarding training and annual state-wide training can be located at Statewide Compulsory Training (

Declarable Associations

As an employee of the QPS, you are required to declare any associations that may provide a conflict of interest to the QPS. For more information on the Declarable Associations policy and procedures, please click here.

As part of the compulsory training courses required as a staff member within the QPS, the Declarable Associations Online Learning Product (OLP) provides training on the obligations for all people employed with or engaged by the QPS to report Declarable Associations under the Declarable Associations policy and procedures.

Once the OLP is complete you will be required to choose between either ‘I do not have any association to declare’ or ‘I have made a declaration’. Should you have or suspect a Declarable Association, you are required to have a conversation with your manager and submit the necessary paperwork.

Login to Ignite to complete your Declarable Association.


The last week saw a huge effort right across the board from staff from QPS, QFES, and local councils responding to fires throughout Queensland. I want to acknowledge the efforts of all staff who have responded to these fires; it never ceases to amaze me the selflessness I see from our people, who put other’s wellbeing before their own, and continue to serve tirelessly to ensure our community is kept out of harm’s way.

There have been various levels of activation in response to the fire events across the state. EMCs have been deployed to support the operations in Dalby and there have been over 40 completed Emergency Alerts since 13 October. We are still dealing with this unfolding emergency and I’m sure that I speak for all of the QPS in thanking you for your efforts.

Images of bushfires and the EMCC

SDCC Activation Lessons Collection FormQR Code

We actively embrace continuous improvement through the lessons management process.

You are encouraged to provide your observations and insights into the current SDCC activation.

Please scan the code or click here and submit one collection form for each observation, insight, or lesson (good or not so good) during an activation.

Support options

With current operations and the transition ongoing, it is important to note there are support services available to you. The SelfRefer Programs allow current employees of the QPS to anonymously access external, confidential psychological and physical support, with sessions paid for by the QPS. The SelfRefer Psych Program allows members to access up to six (6) QPS-funded sessions per Financial Year. The SelfRefer Physio Program allows members to access up to three (3) QPS-funded sessions per Financial Year.

The SelfRefer Program is completely voluntary and confidential, where the information discussed between you and your chosen Provider remains between yourselves. It's also important to note that the Provider will generate a de-identified invoice with a randomly generated ‘client identification number’ (e.g., QPS1002) for payment. Your privacy, anonymity and confidentiality is incredibly important to us and the Program.

To protect your anonymity engaging in external psychological and physiotherapy support, the SelfRefer Program allows you to self-identify a Provider of your choice, without the involvement of any QPS service. The external SelfRefer website is hosted by an external company called the Redbourne Group.

There are also other support options available here.

Questions and support

Given the critical importance of the reform program and the transition, we encourage you to actively engage with the Team. Reach out to us, seek guidance, and share any concerns or questions you may have regarding the transition.

We encourage you to visit the Disaster Management ForGov website for more information and to submit your questions. We are actively updating the Disaster Management FAQs and myth busters as a point of truth for all of your transition related queries.

Alternatively, contact our team through our online feedback form.

Thank you for your continued dedication and commitment to the success of the disaster management transition.


Amanda Rosman