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Go, go, GO!

Last Friday, the RIT Working Groups came together and A/AC Boniwell and I confirmed at the “Go / No Go meeting” that the transition would go ahead! So we’re off and racing!

We are comfortable with how far the background work for the transition has progressed, and together we decided to hit the big red button to proceed. A big thank you to all the teams who have been working so hard on this to make sure this process.

ICT transition this week

Transition week has begun, which means Group A and Group B will cut over today (24 October) and Thursday (26 October) respectively. .

On your transition day, you will need to be logged out by 12 pm – if you haven’t, you risk losing what you’re working on as you will be forced out by the system cutover.

Teams are being briefed by ICT in the “What to expect” sessions. If you have any further issues, please reach out to the ICT team.

A recap from Monday’s ICT session can be found here – ICT Transition - Group A - What to expect-20231023_090043-Meeting Recording.mp4 (

If you have any issues, there will be ICT floor walkers to assist. Otherwise, for ICT related matters, you will receive priority assistance if you log a job through the BOSS portal.

Please make sure you go back and read your Transition and User Guides to ensure you are fully prepared.

You will receive your log-in details today (Group A) or Wednesday (Group B). However, you will be unable to use them until after your respective group has officially transitioned across to QPS.

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All transitioning staff should have received an attendance calculator to complete on 23 October 2023.

Please use this template to record your attendance until you have access to timesheets in QPS Aurion. *

If you have any issues with your pay, ICT or any other matters, please call your manager or the RIT team and we will ensure it is appropriately addressed.

*Watch Desk staff can continue to complete their normal timesheet.

Delays in uniform arrival

Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, there has been supply chain issues with our uniform supplier. We have been advised that shirts will not be arriving until mid-November.

You may wish to wear plain clothes, or alternatively you can wear your QFES uniform until such time as you receive your QPS uniforms.

We apologise for this delay and any inconveniences this may cause.


For the transition period, if you receive invoices or incur any costs related to DM functions, you will need to have a conversation with your line manager regarding where this is appropriately costed - i.e. to QFES or to QPS.

If your manager is unsure, please reach out to EMCC management for guidance.

Weekly wrap up

Transition Townhall

The transition townhall happened yesterday morning. We had most of the transitioning staff in attendance – both online and in person. Mr Gollschewski dropped in to say hello to everyone, we had A/DC Marcus welcoming the staff, and I also had my last hurrah before I depart for a holiday this week!

A/DC Greenfield and A/AC Boniwell also attended to thank all the transitioning staff, and to reiterate the importance of continued relationships between QFES and QPS in the disaster management space.

If you missed out, please go to ForGov to watch!

Induction session – 2 November 2023

We officially announced the EMCC induction, which will be happening on Thursday, 2 November 2023. If you haven’t got this meeting in your calendar, please reach out to and we will forward you the appointment.

We will also be recording this session for those who will not be able to attend online or in person due to prior commitments.

Graphic depicting the induction schedule

Emergency Management & Coordination Command

New positions

There are still a number of positions being advertised within Emergency Management and Coordination Command.

Please check out SmartJobs to see if there are any new roles that you might be interested in.

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Questions and support

Given the critical importance of the reform program and the transition, we encourage you to actively engage with the Team. Reach out to us, seek guidance, and share any concerns or questions you may have regarding the transition.

We encourage you to visit the Disaster Management ForGov website for more information and to submit your questions. We are actively updating the Disaster Management FAQs and myth busters as a point of truth for all of your transition related queries.

Alternatively, contact our team through our online feedback form.

Thank you for your continued dedication and commitment to the success of the disaster management transition.


John Bosnjak



Transition Week Road Map