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Talent Now helps you find your next career opportunity in the Queensland public sector.
Queensland Government employees.


Talent Now - create a profile in minutes

Create a profile in minutes

Add your skills, job history and CV to Talent Now—it’s quick and easy (for government employees only).

Talent Now - show your interest in job opportunities

Show your interest in job opportunities

Increase your visibility with managers and indicate your availability and work preferences.

Talent Now - meet your development and career goals

Meet your development and career goals

Find new opportunities that will strengthen your skills and capabilities, and help you meet your career aspirations.


Be discovered for your next career opportunity

Promote your brand, skills and capabilities to managers to be considered for your next career opportunity across the sector. 

Challenge yourself

Strengthen your capabilities, learn new skills in a different environment and establish professional networks.

Share your skills and expertise

Collaborate on a piece of work or project that adds value to the work of Queensland Government.

View open opportunities across the sector

View short-term opportunities across the sector through the Talent Now opportunities board (for government employees only).

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