Regional planning for BCM procurement

We hold pre-delivery meetings and forums in all Queensland regions. These help make sure building construction and maintenance (BCM) procurement is well planned and transparent.

Pre-delivery regional meetings

We are rolling out a series of whole-of-government pre-delivery meetings for every major region.

At these meetings, agencies are expected to:

  • share program and project data
  • make strategic delivery decisions
  • time procurement activities to suit local supplier skills, capacities and capabilities, and to support regional development
  • support development of a searchable forward procurement pipeline for industry.

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Collaboration forums

We invite BCM procurement leaders from across government to attend a regional collaboration forum to discuss:

  • BCM procurement objectives and category management principles
  • industry feedback and how we can improve
  • collaboration opportunities and case studies of best practice
  • how to deliver value in our category
  • strategies to maximise economic and social outcomes
  • how to support local content and employee retention
  • how to lift regional capacity and capability.

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Video: Toowoomba collaboration forum


Amy McDonald

The most important thing that I've taken away today for my area is about how we can better collaborate in the planning phases, get a better pipeline of work and improve some social outcome.

Harry Venmans

From a BCM perspective is really about how the Queensland Procurement Policy focuses in on buying local. So there's a real emphasis on purchasing local, engaging with local companies and building their capability to deliver, and it's about the state working with them and then that helps to get money into the regional economies which then helps Queensland prosper.

Brad Thompson

We employ Australian people at Australian rates of pay in the industry. I've spoken about this a couple of times, that a collaboration's about how two parties are trying to achieve a goal, and that's really important as it's touched on through that procurement phase. Procurement is the first step in collaboration, it sets the environment for how a project could be delivered.

Tecola Carter

Working at SEQ Water, we've got a high focus on our community and the residents around that infrastructure and dam, so I think that social enterprise methodology has really hit home on how we need to plan more and incorporate that a little bit better within our major capital space.

Jon Thompson

By far the primary focus for procurement in this region and I'd argue that it'd be similar across regional Queensland more broadly, is about having a whole of government oversight and visibility on our customers' programs so we can maximize dollar spend in regional Queensland.

Harry Venmans

One of the most frustrating things we see with construction jobs is that poorly planned jobs ends up with contractors moving all over the state, whereas if we can do better planning through pre-delivery meetings and the likes, where we get agencies to collaborate and talk together, we end up with a better outcome of projects being better scheduled so that we don't end up overcooking the market. So we end up getting a better result and a better outcome from an economic perspective both for those regional communities and a better result for the state.

Luke Terry

We really need your help to get across these goals. One of those is to use social enterprise in Queensland to be able to create 5,000 jobs by 2025 and we really genuinely think we can do that. We need large-scale contract opportunities, we really need early engagement, and we need a desire to purchase for impact. You can choose that impact, it doesn't necessarily have to be a department's impact, but there are social enterprise opportunities for Indigenous impact, or safer communities around reduced recidivism, or mental health, or youth at risk. You guys get the great opportunity to be able to go, "I want to make impact in this area." And if you've got a contract opportunity and you want to make impact in an area, come and see me and we can definitely help you make that work.

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