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Regional planning for BCM procurement

We hold regional forums, and pre-delivery meetings in all Queensland regions, to make sure building construction and maintenance (BCM) procurement is well planned and transparent.

Collaboration forums

We invite BCM procurement leaders from across government to attend a regional collaboration forum to discuss:

  • BCM procurement objectives and category management principles
  • industry feedback and how we can improve
  • collaboration opportunities and case studies of best practice
  • how to deliver value in our category
  • strategies to maximise economic and social outcomes
  • how to support local content and employee retention
  • how to lift regional capacity and capability.

Email bcmsecretariat@hpw.qld.gov.au to get involved and join our mailing list.

Video: Townsville collaboration forum


[Mr John Carey – Partner, wilson/ryan/grose Lawyers]
So, welcome to the Building Construction and Maintenance category Collaboration Forum; working together for better procurement. It’s great that you could all come today, ready to work collaboratively about some of the issues and opportunities that you see lying ahead.

[Mr Brett Schimming – Chief Executive Director, Construction Skills Queensland]

Forums like these are important for building capability in the region, because firstly it brings people together who ultimately have the common purpose, and that is to build things for our community, and for our regions. This is a great opportunity to get people together, ask the question, and learn that we’ve got to work together for the greater good of our communities.

[Mr John Carey]

They’re of great importance to the industry because, it gives them the reassurance that the government is listening to concerns they raise, and it’s good that they can see all the government agencies getting together and actually working on solutions to industry issues.

[Mrs Glenys Schuntner – Chief Executive Director, Regional Development Australia Townsville and North West Queensland]

I think the forum today is a great collection of people from government, and industry, and people like ourselves at Regional Development Australia who are interested in regional economic development, to say how do we work collaboratively? How do we have a vision to get bigger, better outcomes for our region?

[Mrs Amy Lever – Senior Economic Development Officer, North Queensland and Regional Office, Department of State Development]

Building regional capacity to me, is about working with those local businesses in the region, to improve their capability so that they have that capacity to actually put their best foot forward and try and win some work on regional projects.

[Mr Allen Cunneen OAM – Deputy Director-General, Infrastructure and Coordination, Department of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Partnerships]

I see the benefit to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, and businesses in the regions from collaboration of government working together, is that we’ll hopefully generate a pipeline of work that businesses can see what the future work is, they can then gear up for that work, and then start to get the training and employment around that to help them to succeed to be a business.

[Mr Rick Parmenter – Regional Director, Far North Queensland, Building and Asset Services, Department of Housing and Public Works]

The key learnings I got out of this forum, there’s two major points; first one being collaboration, and that’s not only value for money, but also providing a strategic approach to the delivery of projects in the communities, and the second point probably is regarding the benefits of local buy. With the local buy, we’re supporting local communities, and local jobs, which in turn leaves a legacy for future growth in those communities. 

[Mr Brett Oates – Executive Director, Far North Queensland, Finance Procurement and Infrastructure, Mackay Hospital and Health Services]

The benefits of planning regionally, and agency coordination is we actually do obviously have quite a significant spend in our region on capital works. It is really about making sure that we get enough people on deck to get our capital program delivered. Being able to bring them all together will actually make a huge difference to the way we do our own planning.

[Mr Donald Hayes – Senior Project Officer, Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services

When you look at it from your own department’s point of view, you’re looking at it in a silo, but looking at it collaboratively, you can see how your decision’s going to impact, and it’s better to network.

[Mr Carmelo Di Bella – Manager North Queensland, CPB Contractors]

Value to me, in the industry that I’m a part of, is all about certainty of an outcome, confidence that we’ll do it safely, and the quality, and we’ll certainly have a happy customer at the end of the day, without any surprises. 

Pre-delivery regional meetings

We are rolling out a series of whole-of-government pre-delivery meetings for every major region.

At these meetings, agencies are expected to:

  • share program and project data
  • make strategic delivery decisions
  • time procurement activities to suit local supplier skills, capacities and capabilities, and to support regional development
  • support development of a searchable forward procurement pipeline for industry.

Email bcmsecretariat@hpw.qld.gov.au to find out about meetings in your region.


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