Manage job applications (Springboard)

As the panel chair, you can use Springboard to shortlist applications with your panel, workflow candidates through the selection process and identify the successful candidate.

Panel chair access

When a vacancy is published, we email the panel chair (named in the Request to hire form) a link to Springboard.

Keep this email—this link is your unique Springboard access (you don't log in to Springboard with a username and password the way you do with other systems). If you need someone to act on your behalf in Springboard, contact us for access rather than forwarding this link.

Panel member access

If a panel chair invites panel members to shortlist candidates or endorse a selection report, we email panel members a link to the relevant area of Springboard.

If you attached a questionnaire to your job advertisement, you can filter your candidates based on the answers they provide.

You can run a report and export your questionnaire answers to Excel. Sort and filter as you need and share the report with your panel members.

See how to export questionnaire results

You can also add filers to radio button questions that automatically move candidates to a Failed questionnaire folder. This reduces the number of applications you need to review, automatically excluding the ones that don't meet certain selection criteria.

For example, you could apply a filter to automatically move candidates to the Failed questionnaire folder if they answer 'No' to a question about a qualification they need for the role.

If you're the panel chair, you can email candidates from Springboard. You might do this to update candidates on your recruitment process or arrange interviews.

  1. Select the job reference number in your Springboard dashboard (access Springboard from the email we sent with your unique link).
  2. In the top menu bar of the job page, select the menu item Applications.
  3. Ensure the folder, Applications, is selected on the left of the page.
  4. In the Candidate List, select the candidates you want to email or select all on the page. To select all candidates across all pages, select Actions, then Across all pages, then Select all candidates.
  5. Select the envelope icon, Email to Candidate, at the top right of the page.
  6. Select the template, Free Format.
  7. Complete the fields and send your message.

If you cc yourself, you'll receive a copy of the email for every candidate you send it to.

You can see a copy of emails sent to candidates in the Communication tab of the Candidate Review page.

Contact us


Find out more about recommending the preferred candidate.

See the Hiring manager access tutorial (PDF, 3.75MB) (PDF, 3.8 MB) for detailed Springboard help.

Read the Recruitment and selection directive (Directive 12/20).

Frequently asked questions

How soon can I see applications?

Immediately. Springboard shows applications as they are received in real time.

How do I create a questionnaire in Springboard?

Find out how to use Springboard questionnaires to filter candidates.

Do I get candidate attachments?

You can see candidate attachments in Springboard. After selecting a candidate, select RESUME from the menu bar. A dropdown field below lists the documents submitted by that candidate. Select a document to see it in the preview window, print, etcetera.

Candidates can upload 3 attachments with their application via Smart jobs and careers. If a candidate provides more information to QSS Recruitment, we will email this to the panel chair via an email titled 'Applicant Name, JAR, Additional document.'

What do I do about late applications?

Smart jobs and careers accepts applications until midnight of the job's closing date.

After this time, the panel chair chooses whether to approve late applications. The candidate can email their application to QSS at

Tell QSS

If you accept a late application directly, ensure you email it to the address above. We will upload it to Springboard to register the candidate for the vacancy and ensure they get correspondence. We'll confirm by email when we've done this.

Send it to the panel

If you want your panel to assess late applications in Springboard, you need to send another shortlisting request. Follow the instructions to invite panel members to shortlist, and ensure you select the checkbox, Include all candidates who have had requests for this feedback step. This sends all applications, including late ones, to the panel so they can be assessed against each other.

What happens if a candidate withdraws their application?

Candidates can withdraw and delete their application on Smart jobs and careers. We'll email the panel chair to notify them that the candidate has withdrawn.

If the candidate was shortlisted before they withdrew, follow the instructions in Step 3 of Complete a selection report to ensure you can see and comment on this candidate in your selection report.

How do I print all my applications (bulk print)?

With online shortlisting in Springboard, you no longer need to do a bulk print of candidates' applications. Follow these steps if you do need to print all your applications.

What can I do in Springboard?

Panel chairs can:

  • view applications online
  • add and edit comments
  • view others' comments
  • perform basic shortlisting
  • print applications and attachments individually or using bulk print
  • forward applications to other panel members using Request feedback functionality.

Panel members can:

  • view applications online
  • add and edit comments
  • perform basic shortlisting
  • print applications and attachments individually.

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