Driving a vehicle safely for work induction

Leading agency: Energy and Public Works

Start date: June 2022

End date: June 2024

About the project

QFleet encourages you to use the 'Driving a vehicle safely for work' induction to:

  • inform staff of their responsibilities when driving a work vehicle
  • provide a framework for managing driver-associated risks in the workplace
  • promote a culture of road safety.

Why should my agency use the induction?

  • Agency fleet managers, WH&S officers and senior leaders can use the driver induction as part of a framework to manage driver-associated risks in the workplace.
  • Under the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 a vehicle used for the purpose of work is classified as a workplace. This means all work health and safety rules and responsibilities apply.
  • Road incidents make up over a third of all occupational fatalities in Australia. They are a major occupational risk.

Who is the induction for?

We recommend that anyone who drives a government work vehicle undertake the induction, regardless of how often they drive or the number of kilometres driven.

What will participants learn?

Participants will learn how to:

  • understand the roles and responsibilities of work vehicle use and safety
  • understand government vehicle procedures
  • identify work-related driving risks
  • control and minimise the risk of vehicle incidents
  • identify, report and address hazards and incidents.

How can my agency access the induction?

If you're interested in providing the driver induction to agency employees, please contact QFleet to access these resources:

  • SCORM files—Upload the course to a learning management system.
  • HTML files—Publish the course to your intranet.
  • Implementation guide.
  • Promotional collateral.

By uploading the course to a learning management system like Elmo, MyCareer or iLearn, you'll be able to collect course completion data from participants.


Name: QFleet, Department of Energy and Public Works

Phone: (07) 3008 2633

Email: qfleet@epw.qld.gov.au