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Our procurement policy

As the Queensland Government, we need to ensure that we buy and manage goods and services fairly, and deliver the best value for money.

The way we do this is outlined in the Queensland Procurement Policy and the State Procurement Plan.

Queensland Procurement Policy

The Queensland Procurement Policy (PDF, 1.17MB) is founded on 6 principles:

  • Principle 1 (PDF, 41KB): We drive value for money in our procurement. 
  • Principle 2 (PDF, 49KB): We act as 'one government', working together across agency boundaries to achieve savings and benefits.
  • Principle 3 (PDF, 41KB): We are leaders in procurement practice—we understand our needs, the market, our suppliers and have the capability to deliver better outcomes.
  • Principle 4 (PDF, 50KB): We use our procurement to advance the government's economic, environmental and social objectives and support the long-term wellbeing of our community.
  • Principle 5 (PDF, 38KB): We have the confidence of stakeholders and the community in the government's management of procurement.
  • Principle 6 (PDF, 42KB): We undertake our procurement with integrity, ensuring accountability for outcomes.

These publications were produced prior to the current government.