Our procurement policy

Procurement policy

The enhanced Queensland Procurement Policy 2019 came into effect on 1 June 2019. This policy supersedes the Queensland Procurement Policy 2018.

Emergency procurement 

See guidance about procurement during the COVID-19 emergency (PDF, 90.26 KB). The guide contains: 

  • practical tips about how you can maximise use of local and regional suppliers 
  • potential supplier issues and how to respond 
  • a buyer checklist to assist buyers during stages of the emergency, and recovery.   

See more COVID-19 procurement news.   

Procurement Advisory Notices 

Procurement Advisory Notices (PANs) are quick response policy guidance for buyers and suppliers. They will be regularly updated to provide concise information on key procurement considerations amid national COVID-19 precautions and global responses.

PANs are intended to complement existing policies and procedures or form a basis for new systems to be developed. They do not replace agency decision-making processes and responsibility for decisions made.  

Buyer PANs 

See buyer PANs

Supplier PANs 


PANs are intended as a guide only. The Department of Housing and Public Works disclaims all liability that may arise from the use of PANs. PANs should not be used as a substitute for obtaining appropriate legal advice as may be required. In preparing PANs, reasonable efforts have been made to use accurate and current information. It should be noted that information may have changed since the publication of the PANs. Where errors or inaccuracies are brought to the attention of the Department of Housing and Public Works, a reasonable effort will be made to correct them. 

Procurement key messages

See key messages about buyers, suppliers, sourcing and small business (government employees only) for use during the COVID-19 emergency.