2.2 Guidelines for OAMF processes

The Department of Housing and Public Works (HPW) has developed guidelines for each of the processes mentioned in 2.1 Introduction to Section 2. These guidelines support the framework and assists agencies to achieve best practice in all phases of office accommodation management. Each guideline incorporates the procedures and activities involved in implementing that phase of the OAMF. The guidelines have been endorsed by Government Office Accommodation Committee.

Each guideline includes:

  • the purpose of the guideline
  • links to other guidelines
  • procedures and activities undertaken by the HPW (as office accommodation provider) within that process
  • procedures and activities undertaken by other agencies (as office accommodation users) within that process
  • supporting documents (such as practice notes, references, and templates).

The structure of the OAMF suite of documents is shown in the diagram below.

OAMF structure graph

(If you can’t view the information on this graphic or in any of the documents, please email the Queensland Government Accommodation Office at qgao.enquiries@hpw.qld.gov.au for more information.)