7. Approval processes

There are 4 approval processes that apply to office fitout projects:

  1. Client agency approvals are required as part of the fitout project design-and-documentation process and are generally required at the schematic design, design development and contract documentation stages of fitout projects. These requirements should be clarified in the agreement between the client agency and the design/documentation consultant.
  2. Technical approvals are required under the approval process for government office accommodation projects initiated by the Department of the Premier and Cabinet (DPC) and administered by the Department of Housing and Public Works (HPW). Technical approvals are required for all office accommodation projects and requirements vary according to the value of the project and the funding source. For projects to be approved, they must be assessed as being consistent with the office accommodation workspace and fitout standards (PDF, 917 KB) and the benchmarks that form part of these standards. When fitout projects are proposed in government office buildings or in existing space leased from the private sector, the following requirements apply:
  • Agency-funded projects up to $100, 000 may be assessed and approved internally by an appropriately delegated officer of the agency. Projects must comply strictly with the Queensland Government Office accommodation workspace and fitout standards. Details of these projects are to be forwarded to the HPW Accommodation Office for centralised reporting and benchmarking purposes within four 4 weeks of the final cost estimate sign off. Details should include the location of the work, the final cost, the floor area, the number of staff, the time frame for completion, the existing and proposed plans and the scope and nature of the work.
  • Agency-funded projects over $100,000 and all projects funded through the HPW Office Accommodation Program (OAP) must be forwarded to the HPW Accommodation Office for assessment and before any work is undertaken.

Approval must be sought for projects including:

  • the purchase of furniture, security equipment
  • construction of government office accommodation (in either government-owned or private-sector premises)
  • construction of data/computer rooms (including set up equipment).

Approvals are required before committing to, or executing, any new leases, including additions or reductions to existing leases. Preliminary lease negotiations by the Accommodation Office can start on behalf of an agency once they have completed a strategic review of the local portfolio to confirm that the proposed new lease is the most viable option for Government.

Refer to the practice note: Approval procedures for government office accommodation projects (PDF, 597 KB).

  1. Building-owner approval is required for all fitout projects whether in owned or leased office buildings. HPW will obtain building-owner approval for fitout projects that they manage. It is the responsibility of agencies to obtain this approval when fitout projects are designed and/or documented by outside consultants.
  2. Financial approvals are required according to the funding source. Agency-funded projects require funding approval according to each agency's procedures and delegations. Projects funded jointly by agencies and through the OAP require similar approvals by each agency and approval by HPW according to its procedures and delegations. HPW will assume responsibility for project submissions that require Executive Council financial approval when funded from the OAP.