Framework policy overview

Office accommodation is the physical workspace needed to accommodate the people and technology required to develop, implement and administer the delivery of an organisation's products and services. Office accommodation is located, configured and fitted out in response to the business needs of the organisation. Successful office accommodation management involves coordinating and aligning the physical workplace with business needs on a continuing basis. 

This Office Accommodation Management Framework (OAMF) has been developed by the Department of Housing and Public Works (HPW) to support agencies to acquire, manage and utilise office accommodation. In the context of the OAMF, office accommodation also refers to: 

  • commercial and operational accommodation provided in buildings owned by HPW  
  • commercial and operational accommodation leased from the private sector. 

HPW is committed to: 

  • achieve best-practice management of its building assets and its accommodation portfolio 
  • support agencies in all accommodation matters. 

This framework document describes the operating environment and the office accommodation management processes. More specific information relating to the processes of planning, space, fitout and occupancy is provided in the form of separate guidelines and supporting documents prepared by HPW. References to these guidelines are made throughout this framework document. Accommodation management can be considered functionally in terms of an interlocking group of processes that continue sequentially but also involve interaction between processes. 

Supporting documents for framework policy 


More information 

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