Queensland Shared Services (QSS) is converting the PDF forms you use to do business with us to fast, paperless online forms.

From 26 September 2022, you’ll have access to an additional 48 online forms.

What PDF forms have we converted?

Read the highlights below or visit the PDF Forms Conversion (PDFFC) initiative project page for a full list of forms we’ve updated in each work area.


We’ve made some significant changes to the Assets form. We’ve merged Asset off premises into this form and removed plant and location code maintenance. You’ll now complete plant and location code maintenance through a separate, dedicated form for this request.


We’ve merged Secondment out commencement and Secondment out extension into a single Secondment out commencement or extension form.

We’ve also created a new SARAS calculator form that you can use if you’re submitting your SARAS reimbursement request via a SAP eForm.

System access

We’ve merged the Aurion ESE and Aurion QPS access forms into a single form for QSS Service Delivery employees.

How do you access the new forms?

Access the online forms by logging in to the QSS Self Service Centre and searching. Most forms will be in the same location as the PDFs they’re replacing.

Update your bookmarks

We’re working with our customer groups to get the links on your intranet updated.

Please remove any PDFs that you’ve saved to your network or personal drives and update any bookmarks.

What’s happening to the PDFs?

Once a new form is released, we schedule the removal of the old PDF. We’ll continue to accept old forms for processing for 2 to 4 weeks. You can submit:

  • finance, payroll and human resource PDF forms until 21 October 2022
  • system access PDF forms until 7 October 2022.

After these dates, we’ll return any requests using an old form and redirect you to use the online form.

How did we choose which forms to convert?

We adopted an accelerated delivery model to ensure we converted the forms you used most as a priority and as quickly as possible.

New forms designed with you, for you

We used human centred design thinking to ensure these forms serve your needs better than the current PDF forms. This included:

  • design inception workshops
  • rapid prototyping
  • showcase workshops
  • user testing.

Why are we converting our PDF forms?

We want to make it easier for you to complete transactions with us. Online forms:

  • save you time—no downloading, printing, signing and scanning
  • give you piece of mind— as soon as it’s approved, it’s with the correct QSS team for processing
  • make it easy—only ask for the information we need to complete the request
  • can be accessed consistently—not restricted by mobile device and web browser compatibility
  • are future proof—don’t rely on third-party software for creating and editing
  • help the environment—saving paper and ink.

What PDF forms will we convert next?

After 30 September, only two PDF forms remain to be converted. These are targeted for go live in December 2022:

  • Start my pay
  • Commencement

We’ll merge these forms and adjust them to align with the My.Appointment replacement work and the new Appointment request form in Springboard.


Email: QSSCRM@chde.qld.gov.au