Driver safety in the workplace

QFleet's Driver Safety in the Workplace Framework provides a range of resources and training to promote a positive road safety culture in your agency.

The framework is based around 3 main streams:

How to use the framework

Under the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 a vehicle used for the purpose of work is classified as a workplace. Drivers are required to act accordingly, and to follow your agency's WH&S policies and procedures.

Road safety is a shared responsibility and we all have a role to play in keeping ourselves and others safe on the road. Road incidents make up over a third of all occupational fatalities in Australia.

Use this framework to:

  • make drivers aware of their responsibilities when driving a vehicle for work
  • incorporate content into your agency's existing road safety risk management plan
  • complement existing fleet management and WH&S policies and procedures.


When driving a Queensland Government vehicle you must drive safely, and take reasonable care for your own health and safety as well as others:

You can:

Fleet managers and Workplace Health and Safety managers

Fleet managers can help improve road safety by adopting a risk management approach to driver safety in the workplace.

Typical risk controls for work-related driving include:

  • develop work-related driving safety policies and procedures
  • educate drivers on their responsibilities when driving a vehicle for work
  • provide additional driver training e.g. operating 4WD vehicles, reversing safely
  • ensure drivers are competent and fit to drive
  • monitor driver journey planning
  • maintain a safe and roadworthy fleet.

Road safety manual

The QFleet Road Safety Manual (PDF, 1.07MB) is a guide for fleet managers, workplace health and safety managers and decision makers about:

  • developing a best practice approach to fleet management
  • implementing a driver safety risk management framework.

Driver induction online training

Find out about the new QFleet driver induction training and how your agency can implement it.

We encourage your agency to implement this online training, as it focuses on:

  • raising awareness that the vehicle is a workplace
  • informing staff of driver responsibilities.

We recommend that anyone who drives a government vehicle for work undertakes the induction, regardless of how often they drive or the number of kilometres driven.

Road Safety Focus Network

The QFleet Road Safety Focus Network aims to:

  • raise the profile of work-related driver safety
  • facilitate a strategic and coordinated approach to improving driver safety across government.

The network brings together WH&S officers, operations and fleet managers to discuss driver safety concerns and share ideas on how to address driver safety in the workplace (e.g. driver education, how to improve incident reporting).

A key focus is to look at how to streamline and pool resources to deliver a risk management framework to improve driver safety in workplace (e.g. implementation of the QFleet Driving a Vehicle for Work Induction).

Contact QFleet if you are interested in attending road safety focus network meetings.

Driving courses

The Mount Cotton Training Centre provides transport-related courses designed to improve the safety, efficiency and productivity of industry and to reduce road trauma in our community.

Vehicle safety fact sheets

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Accidents and breakdowns

Driving techniques

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