Legislation for the public service

There are 2 key pieces of legislation that apply to the Queensland public service.

Public Sector Ethics Act

The Public Sector Ethics Act 1994 outlines the ethical obligations of employees within the Queensland public service.

The Public Sector Ethics Act 1994 requires public service agencies and public sector entities to develop and implement a code of conduct. This must include standards of conduct based on the 4 ethics principles and values:

The Code of Conduct for the Queensland public service.

Public Service Act 2008

The Public Service Act 2008 provides the legislative framework for the administration of the public service and the management and employment of public service employees.

The Public Service Commission is the custodian of the Public Service Act 2008.

Public Records Act 2002

The Public Records Act 2002 governs recordkeeping for all Queensland public authorities.

It includes specific recordkeeping requirements that all public service employees and public authorities must comply with–what records need to be kept, by who, and why.