Use open standards and/or common platforms


Build using open standards and common government platforms where appropriate.

  • Look to reuse whats existing in your agency and across government.
  • Align with the whole of government strategy and technology.
  • Notify Queensland Online when planning a new or significantly redeveloped service to ensure the ecosystem remains linked.

Using open standards and common government platforms helps you to:

  • meet the needs of your users by building with proven solutions
  • make users experience of government more consistent, which generates trust
  • save time and money by reusing things that are already available
  • be more efficient by sharing data appropriately
  • move between different technologies when you need to, avoiding vendor lock-in.

During Alpha stage you should understand what open standards and common platforms can be used for your service. You should:

  • build using the open standards of HTML, CSS and JavaScript to develop prototypes
  • follow government better practice and standards in the design of the service
  • identify tools, systems, processes that can be adopted or reused from other services
  • search for similar solutions in other jurisdictions.

During Beta stage and as you go live to launch publicly you should continue applying government solutions while also:

  • building using open web platform standards
  • avoiding lock-in to any proprietary solutions where an open standard is available
  • addressing any common user needs in a way that is consistent with the rest of government.