Digital service standard

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Final v1.0.0
January 2022–current
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Final | January 2022 | v1.0.0 | OFFICIAL - Public |QGCDG

This Queensland Government Enterprise Architecture (QGEA) standard provides information for Queensland Government departments and agencies on the mandatory requirements and recommended guidelines to deliver a digital service in the Customer Services Domain.

This document adopts the Australian Government Digital Service Standard but has been modified for Queensland.

All digital services will benefit from following an iteration model.


  • Identify users of the service and use existing research and data.
  • Plan user research approach.
  • Do contextual user research with target audience.
  • Design for the user journey.
  • Group and prioritise pain points and develop hypotheses about these pain points.


  • Prototype developed and tested with internal staff and representatives.
  • No public interaction—only used to ensure service design is likely to hit the mark.
  • Feedback loop for improvements.


  • First small live release used to test all the important connections.
  • Select public can access it and provide detailed feedback.
  • Runs in parallel with usual service pathway so users have a choice.
  • Feedback loop for improvements.


  • Publicly available, feedback still sought from citizens to improve.
  • Controlled usage by public groups to test scale and broad adoption.
  • Services, features and locations rapidly added to gain momentum.
  • Usual service pathway in place for non-pilot groups.
  • Feedback loop for improvements.


  • Strongly vetted services proven in effect.
  • Critical mass of services in place on new platform.
  • Public launch across multiple channels.
  • Any former parallel versions of the service online are turned off.
  • Feedback continues to be gathered to improve the service and platform features.

This document is primarily intended for anyone creating digital services owned by Queensland Government entities.

All new or redeveloped high-volume transactional digital services must be assessed to demonstrate compliance with the Queensland Government Digital service standard. The Digital services assessment framework provides departments with guidance for assessing and demonstrating compliance.