Online form solution

What is this?


Use the Queensland Government form solution to create online forms for your customers or clients.

Who can use this?

All Queensland Government franchise teams, agencies and statutory bodies.


Drag and drop form components

Build your form quickly using existing form components you can move, edit and tailor to your needs.

Secure data storage

Use the secure storage facilities from the Data and Information Services Team (at an extra cost) or send the data directly to your own cloud storage, API-enabled system or email.

Enhanced data analysis

Use the Data and Information Service Team's data analysis service or analyse the data yourself.  Use Google Analytics to see how customers are using your forms.


Improved customer experience

Provide customers with a seamless digital experience to access your product or service.

Privacy and security standards compliant

Give your customers certainty using a security-hardened platform that protects the transmission, storage and access of personally identifiable information.

Better customer insights

Store your data in machine- or human-readable formats, so you can analyse the data the way you want.

Get started

  • Email with the name of the service you want to build and the email address of the team members you want to work on it.
  • The Queensland Online Team will set up a development (project) space for your service.
  • Undertake training at Basic or Advanced level (if required).
  • Build multiple forms in your own dedicated space using existing assets or create your own.
  • Join the community of practice to share information and learn from colleagues across Queensland Government.

A small annual licence fee may be incurred for each project space.

Contact and support

Contact Client Solutions to discuss how your service can be enhanced with other online, phone and counter capabilities.