About the Queensland Government website

The Queensland Government website (www.qld.gov.au) is based on a franchise model. This means that citizen-facing content is divided into sections based on topic or audience.

It is called a franchise model because it looks the same to the customers (a single website experience) but behind the scenes, each franchise site is led by a different department and may have different ways of working, just like a fast food franchise.

The objective of the franchise model is to make it easier for customers to interact with the Queensland Government by organising all content in a customer-centric, rather than agency-centric, way. Since content is presented by topic or audience, the customer does not need to know which government agency offers the service. The model also helps the customer by connecting related government services (regardless of the agency responsible for the services).

How the franchise model works: the relationship between agencies owning and contributing to franchises.

Aside from making it easier for customers to find the government services they need, the Queensland Government website is based on an accessible, responsive template that is continually improved through customer testing and feedback.

The franchise model launched in 2010 and the Franchise model statement of commitment details the responsibilities of the agencies that participate in the model.

The franchises are grouped by the following topics and audiences.



Contact franchise@smartservice.qld.gov.au for more information.