Workforce diversity census

Help the Queensland Government collect accurate workforce diversity data.

  • Employees: complete the workforce diversity census.
  • HR professionals: ensure your agency collects and provides the appropriate workforce diversity data.

This ensures the Queensland Government puts the right programs in place to support you and helps us create a more diverse and inclusive workplace.

Read our inclusion and diversity strategy

Add or update your diversity information using either:

We use the information you provide for statistical purposes only and in accordance with the Information Privacy Act 2009. No information identifying you will be disclosed to any agency or person.

You can add, update, or delete your diversity information any time.

Use the Queensland Government's Workforce diversity census form (DOCX, 520.5 KB) to collect employee diversity information. The form ensures consistency of workforce diversity data between Queensland public sector agencies (required by the Public Sector Act 2022).

Make the form available online through your Employee Self Service (ESS) portal or as a printed form on your intranet.

You can use the form to capture additional employee information if required. Refer to the Workforce diversity form agency instructions (DOCX, 519 KB) to learn the minimum requirements for your agency's form.

Promote the Workforce diversity census

Use the Public Sector Commission's (PSC) Internal communication toolkit to encourage employees to update their diversity information. It includes:

Ensure employment equity

Chief executives must ensure employment equity within their agency as outlined in the Public Sector Act 2022. Each agency must act consistently with the merit principle to:

  • enable members of the Equality of Employment Opportunity (EEO) target groups to compete for recruitment, selection, promotion, transfer, and career development as effectively as people who are not members of those groups
  • eliminate unlawful discrimination by the agency or its employees against members of the EEO target groups.

Agencies must provide a report to the PSC each financial year about their actions promoting equality of employment opportunity and the outcomes.

Use the Annual Equality of Employment Opportunity report template.

Report on workforce diversity

Agencies covered by the Workforce profile and work performance directive must collect and submit validated workforce diversity data to the PSC on a quarterly basis. This allows the Commission Chief Executive to meet annual workforce diversity data reporting requirements.

See Minimum obligatory human resource information (MOHRI)

Government owned corporations

Agencies covered by Section 148 of the Government Owned Corporations Act 1993 must collect and submit validated workforce diversity data to the PSC within 3 months after the end of the financial year.

See the Equality of Employment Opportunity