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If you are looking for a notice published in the Gazette you will need to understand the indices and how the Gazette is archived. Weekly Gazettes are combined into volumes. The indices are a record of each Gazette volume.

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Understanding the indices/indexes

Indices are a record of all entries published in the combined Queensland Government Gazette. Indices are available every 4 months as a separate document:

  • January to April
  • May to August
  • September to December.

Using the indices

You can find online copies of the gazettes on the Queensland Government Publications Portal. These are available individually and grouped into publication sets including:

  • Extraordinary Gazettes by month
  • General and all other Gazettes by month.

For example, to find where a notice was Gazetted under the Building Act, follow these steps:

  1.  Search for the year of publication: 'gazette indexes 2015'.
  2. Open the publishing time period e.g. September—December 2015.
  3. Find the page numbers for the Building Act notice listings (e.g. pg 57, 73, 158, 209, 224).
  4. Open the gazette from the Gazette notices listing for 2015.

Finding notices under an Act or Regulation

You can find notices published under an Act or Regulation under the headings:

  • Appointment of
  • Notice under
  • Notification of Forms.

Notices will be listed as Miscellaneous if they are published without an Act/Regulation. There are notices that may contain more than one Act or Regulation—there will be multiple pages listed.

You can find notices related to The Constitution of Queensland listed under Constitution of Queensland:

  • Administrative Arrangements
  • Appointment of
  • Copy of Commission
  • Proclamation
  • Notice under
  • Notification of Forms.

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Finding appointments and other general gazette notices

The Appointments Part I & IIs (General Gazette) are filed under Vacancies Appointments under the Public Service Act. Notices are listed by the heading, Public Service Act:

  • Appointment of
  • Notice under
  • Notification of Forms
  • Notification of Issue of Directives
  • Vacancies Appointments.

The Bills Assented to notices (General Gazette) are recorded under the Legislative Assembly:

  • Legislative Assembly—
  • Bills Assented to.

The Justice of the Peace documents (General Gazette) are recorded under the Justices of the Peace and Commissioners for Declarations Act by their separate entities:

  • Justices of the Peace and Commissioners for Declarations Act
  • Commissioners for Declarations
  • Justices of the Peace.

The Administrative Arrangements (published in the General Gazette) are recorded under the Constitution of Queensland—the individual acts are not recorded separately:

  • Administrative Arrangements
  • Appointment of
  • Proclamation.

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