Social services—templates

You will always need to use one of the 2 standard contract templates if you need to get a third party to provide social services.

Service delivery is where the provider will supply projects, assets and services that directly relate to funded services. Social services contracts are not suitable for buying:

Which social services contract should I use?

Service delivery and sponsorship arrangements both have a standard form and a short-form contract. To decide which one you need to use, you should:

  • assess the values and risks of each arrangement (use the VRM)
  • look up any business rules that your agency might have
  • consult any experienced procurement advisors or your legal unit about aspects you're not sure about.


You need to use the Service Agreement—Standard Terms (PDF, 562KB) for strategic, focused and levered transactions. Find out when to use the Service Agreement—Standard Terms.

For low-risk, low value or routine transactions you need to use the Short-Form—Terms and conditions (PDF, 169KB). Find out when to use the Short-Form --Terms and conditions.

Please note:

When using these templates, you will need to support them with additional contractual documents as needed

  • Service Agreement—Standard Terms: requires Funding and Service Details and Funding Schedules
  • Short Form—Terms and Conditions: requires Particulars and Funding Schedules, or Letters of Agreement.

If something is particularly high-risk, high-value or has any risks that are not covered by the template conditions, you will also need to include special conditions within the Funding and Service Details. If you need help to develop special conditions, talk to your procurement or legal services team.