Applying procurement policies to BCM

You must comply with policy requirements when involved in building construction and maintenance (BCM) procurement.

Make sure you also consider governance and regulatory requirements, and choose the right frameworks.

Queensland Procurement Policy

The Queensland Procurement Policy requires all departments and statutory bodies to:

Learn about integrate sustainability into the procurement process (PDF, 565KB).

Read the ending domestic and family violence guide for buyers (PDF, 479KB), which includes example clauses for procurement documents and contracts.

View the BCM forward procurement pipeline information.

Building and Construction Training Policy

The building and construction training policy applies to all agencies and statutory bodies engaged in BCM procurement.

At least 15% of total labour hours on eligible projects must be done:

  • by apprentices and/or trainees


  • through other workforce training.

Eligible projects

Building projects with a contract sum of $500,000 or greater (including GST), and civil construction projects with a contract sum of $3 million or greater (including GST) are required to comply.

There is a different threshold for projects tendered by government owned corporations.

Read more on eligibility for the building construction and training policy.

Indigenous projects

The 2 categories of eligible Indigenous projects are for those located:

  • in an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander community and the Township of Weipa
  • throughout the rest of Queensland and proposed as Indigenous projects by government agencies, government owned corporations or by the Director-General of the Department of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships (DATSIP).

Learn more about compliance requirements for Indigenous projects under the policy.

Queensland Indigenous Procurement Policy

The objective of the Queensland Indigenous Procurement Policy is to increase the value of Queensland Government procurement awarded to Indigenous businesses to be 3 per cent of addressable spend by 2022.  Successful implementation of the QIPP will result in the following outcomes for Queensland:

  • Increase the capacity and capability of Indigenous businesses to successfully tender for Queensland Government contracts.
  • Growth and development of a diverse and sustainable Indigenous business sector in Queensland by increasing the capacity and capability of Indigenous businesses to supply to the Queensland Government but also to supply to the private sector through supply chains and increased private sector demand.
  • Improved employment outcomes and opportunities for Aboriginal people and Torres Strait Islander people to participate in the Queensland economy.

The Black Business Finder (BBF) is the primary portal and supporting tool in the implementation of the Queensland Indigenous Procurement Policy.

Queensland Charter for Local Content

The Queensland Charter for Local Content applies to all procurement activities over a certain value, including capital asset acquisitions, standing offer arrangement and large infrastructure projects.

Use the interactive tool to find out if the charter applies and follow the compliance requirements if it does.