Managing your budget

Part of your role as a manager in the Queensland government will be to manage your budget. This includes:

  • approving and verifying costs
  • looking for cost efficiencies
  • being able to explain any variances in budget versus actual
  • remaining within your budget allocation.

As a manager, you should:

  • understand what cost centre or internal order you have been assigned and its approved budget
  • understand what labour and non-labour costs are included in your budget
  • receive and verify monthly transaction reports, budget versus actual variance reports and payroll reports
  • discuss budget issues with your management accountant
  • exercise your finance delegation within the limits of your approved budget
  • help support the Queensland Government's wider commitments to the community, specifically the Government's fiscal strategy.

Become familiar with your agency's financial management operations and review Queensland Treasury's Financial Accountability Handbook to help you to comply with your obligations.