Cyber security skills and training

Cyber security professionals often come from diverse backgrounds. This can include everything from technology and network support, application design, enterprise or solution architecture and data analysis to less-directly technical areas like policy writing, change or risk management and communications.

Cyber security careers

More than just technical skill or digital experience, the most important attribute for success in the cyber security field is a passion for protecting information, solving problems and a desire to continually learn and develop new skills.

Cyber security professionals perform a range of activities, including:

  • working with the business to ensure cyber incident plans are in place and exercised regularly
  • raising awareness of cyber security, training staff on appropriate policy and workplace behaviours including day to day actions they can take to ensure the information they use is kept secure
  • ensuring business processes that use and modify information are designed with security in mind and risks are identified and managed
  • ensuring systems being developed or deployed have appropriate security architecture in place, including appropriate technical controls
  • configuring and managing application, network, and storage systems
  • resolving security incidents or analysing data looking for suspicious trends or events
  • testing systems to find and resolve vulnerabilities.

Cyber Security Unit training

The Cyber Security Unit (CSU) periodically offers training and events for agencies on various topics offered on a co-contribution basis, or at zero cost. Use the links below to see currently available training and review previous training material. Please note, these capability development program offerings have eligibility requirements.

Cyber security career resources

The Australian Cyber Security Growth Network hosts the AuCYBERSCAPE website which encourages you to explore career pathways and educational opportunities and highlights the underpinning qualities we need in our cyber workforce – continuous learner, persistence, perception, inquisitiveness and excellent communication skills.