Consider existing employees

The first step in selecting a person to fill a vacant position is to consider placing existing employees who are affected by workplace change.

Employees affected by workplace change

The Supporting employees affected by workplace change program matches employees who require placement to appropriate vacancies. It was formerly known as the Employees Requiring Placement (ERP) program.

Direct appointment and conversion of temporary employees

Direct employment options may be available including for long-term temporary employees.

Chief executives may exempt or limit a vacancy from advertising subject to consideration of section 9.7 of the recruitment and selection directive.

If the criteria within the temporary employment directive are met, temporary employees may be converted to permanent status without the need for an advertised recruitment process.

For example, a temporary employee who has been in a role for 2 years or more, and when originally selected for the temporary role had applied for an advertised vacancy and was part of a competitive merit-based selection process, may be eligible for direct appointment at the discretion of the chief executive.

Executive roles

If you are recruiting for an executive role, Leader Connect can save the need for a full recruitment process.