Rewards and benefits

As an employee of the Queensland Government, you are part of a large, diverse and highly-experienced workforce making a difference to the people and communities of Queensland.

You have access to a range of benefits as part of your employment experience, including flexible work, health and wellbeing programs, competitive salary and superannuation, support for development, employment security, and so much more.

Find out more about the reasons to work for Queensland by visiting #BeHere4Qld.

You should check with your agency for additional organisation-specific benefits.

Work-life balance

  • Flexible work helps you balance the changing demands of professional and personal life. Such arrangements include:
    • telecommuting
    • compressed work hours
    • job-share
    • part-time hours
    • flexible work centres
    • hot desks
    • leave at half pay.

    All Queensland Government employees have the right to request flexible work arrangements under the Industrial Relations Act 2016.

  • Health and wellness programs and initiatives support employee wellbeing. Agency-specific programs commonly include:
    • corporate health insurance membership
    • online health assessments
    • flu vaccinations
    • financial health advice
    • gym and fitness program discounts.
  • Employee assistance programs provide free, professional and confidential counselling services to assist you and your immediate family members through both personal and work-related problems. Managers can access a service specifically for them.

Salary and benefits

Find out what you are eligible for through RemServ or SmartSalary, the Queensland Government's 2 salary-packaging providers.

Some agencies also offer incentives to support employees who work in rural and remote Queensland communities.

Purposeful work

We make Queensland better through what we do every day.

You can also give back to the community in times of need through community recovery.

Community recovery supports Queensland communities affected by state disasters, such as a flood or cyclone. You may join the Ready Reserves team to help with disaster recovery for affected communities.

Superannuation and income protection

  • Superannuation enables you to save for your retirement. You can contribute between 2–5% of your salary, and this is matched by us, up to 12.75%. QSuper is the default superannuation fund for Queensland Government employees, however employees can choose another fund.
  • Income protection may provide you with an income if you are unable to work for a period of time due to illness or injury. It is available to all employees, including those employed on a casual basis.

Transitions and retirement

  • Phased retirement enables you to ease out of employment by reducing the number of hours you work or other employment arrangements or responsibilities.
  • Transition to retirement allows you to manage your superannuation contributions once you have reached a certain age. Contact your superannuation provider or financial advisor for more information.
  • Voluntary redeployment allows you to reduce your level of responsibility by voluntarily redeploying to a lower classification level.
  • Planning for retirement—the Queensland Government supports you in planning for your retirement, with access to leave to attend pre-retirement seminars or other planning associated with preparing for the next phase of your life.

Job security

  • Employment security—the Queensland Government is committed to providing continuing employment for permanent employees.

Career and leadership development

Work environment

  • Culture and values—check out our approach to creating positive and healthy workplace cultures, and the values, which guide our behaviour and work.
  • Inclusion and diversity commitment—learn more about our commitment to building an inclusive and diverse workforce that reflects the community we serve, including people with disability, people from non-English speaking backgrounds, LGBTIQ+ as well as the importance of gender equity.
  • Inclusion and diversity targets—see our specific sector-wide diversity targets, which aim to ensure that our workforce closely represents our community.
  • Working for Queensland survey provides valuable insights across the public sector to help us create an even better place to work. The survey explores our perceptions of workplace climate, including employee engagement, job empowerment and leadership.
  • Cultural capability ensures we are culturally appropriate in our interactions with Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander colleagues and customers. The Department of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships can help you access cultural capability training to suit your needs.

Agency-specific rewards and benefits

Check with your HR team to see what other rewards and benefits are available to you. These may include:

  • women in leadership and mentoring programs
  • airport and travel corporate membership
  • gym and fitness programs and membership discounts
  • end-of-trip facilities
  • portable devices and outpost hubs to support flexible and mobility
  • secondments and mobility across the sector
  • privacy and parental rooms.