Creating mentally healthy workplaces

Good mental health is vital to us all, it helps us cope with normal stress, realise our abilities and participate at work and in the community. Most of us experience good mental health but from time to time we can all experience low levels. Mental health issues in workplace contribute to lost productivity and higher costs, risks of higher presenteeism and absenteeism, and lower engagement.

Mentally healthy workplaces minimise risks of psychological harm, promote and support positive mental health and support recovery after injury and illness. Yet only only 52% of employees believe their workplace is mentally healthy. The Queensland Government is committed to advancing Queenslanders health.

The Queensland public sector has a significant role in supporting the government's commitment and fostering workplaces that support positive mental health and wellbeing.

Creating mentally healthy workplaces: Healthy minds (PDF, 111 KB) outlines the overall approach across the sector along with a presentation that complements the placemat (PPTX, 2.63 MB).

Benefits of mentally healthy workplaces

  • Good mental health for individuals
  • Reduced injuries and illness and improved recovery after an injury or illness
  • Positive and healthy cultures
  • Higher levels of staff satisfaction and engagement
  • Increased attraction of talent and reduced turnover

Who plays a part in the workplace?

  • Leaders demonstrated commitment encourages positive practices across the organisation
  • Supervisor and manager capability play a key role in determining workers' health and occupational outcomes
  • Workers' awareness and peer relationships can impact co-workers
  • Workplace culture plays a big part in promoting good mental health, preventing psychological injuries/illness and supporting recovery.
  • In summary, everyone!

For individuals

Find mental health resources for individual employees.

For workplaces

Developing a workplace mental health strategy

Promoting better understanding of mental health

Reducing stigma in the workplace

Promoting positive and healthy cultures

Supporting recovery in the workplace

Case studies

Across the sector agencies are working together to ensure initiatives are in place to prevent harm, promote wellbeing, intervene early and support employees with greatest need. Get inspired by other Queensland public sector agencies and staff who are creating mentally healthy workplaces.



Intervene early


Looking for more information?

Visit the Public Service Commission's wellbeing resources, the Office of Industrial Relations Mentally Healthy Workplace Toolkit or Heads Up for more ideas and resources to create mentally healthy workplaces.