Flexible work and COVID-19

The Queensland Government flexible work framework allows us to respond to the Queensland Chief Health Officer public health directions to minimise employee exposure to COVID-19, while ensuring business continuity in providing public services to Queensland communities.

As the nature of the pandemic changes, employees may use different kinds of flexible work arrangements. This may include a mix of flexible work options and time spent in the physical workplace.

Flexible work options

We encourage employees to work with managers to find flexible work options to manage the needs of the employee and the team, and ensure broader organisational service delivery requirements are met. Options could include:

  • working remotely (from home or another location, such as a distributed work centre)
  • flexible start and finish times
  • compressed hours or compressed working week (not available in all agencies)
  • hybrid working arrangements (mix of time spent working remotely and time spent in the physical workplace).

Flexible work as a team

Talk as a team about the flexibility you may need now and in the coming months:

  • agree the business outcomes and priorities you need to maintain and consider the type of flexibility most relevant in that context
  • design your coverage plan for your team's service delivery
  • agree how you will stay socially connected and communicate important work (within and across teams)
  • work as a team with your manager to own and maintain outcomes
  • have a plan to check in on mental health—keep socially connected, while social distancing.

For some, this will be a new experience, and for others, it will be a continuation or increase in flexible work arrangements already in place.

Managing flexible teams

Managing remote or hybrid teams requires a different approach to employee communication, engagement, and ways of working.

Learn more about managing remote teams and managing hybrid teams.

Special leave directive

The Queensland Government's joint Ministerial and Commission Chief Executive Employment Arrangements in the Event of a Health Pandemic (Directive 01/20) applies to all Queensland public service employees. It provides a range of special leave and employment arrangements in the event of a health pandemic and covers flexible work arrangements and early access to long service leave.

Learn more about the directive.

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