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No barriers to flexible work for Dan Jarvis

Working flexibly during the COVID-19 health pandemic has steered in a new era of productivity, inclusiveness and connectedness for the Department of State Development, Tourism and Innovation's, Dan Jarvis.

Dan, a Principal HR Consultant with the department, is profoundly deaf and wears a cochlear implant and a hearing aid to help him communicate. Learn more about his COVID-19 flexible working story, tips we can all consider and what he sees as benefits of working flexibly.

Paul Reynolds, Director, Department of Education

What's your personal flexible work story?

I have had a wonderful experience with flexible work thanks to an extremely supportive employer and a strong commitment from all parties to make it work. I have been with the Department of Education and Training since 1992, but moved to the Sunshine Coast in 2001, when my role was still attached to Central Office in Brisbane.

I was appointed Media Manager for the department in 2001, but being a statewide role it did not matter where the position was based, so long as I was responsive to the needs of the Ministerial Office, senior executives of the organisation, as well as journalists, on a 24/7 on call basis. It has worked quite seamlessly since that time.

How did the early conversations with your manager/s about flexible working go?

Under the arrangement, I worked part of the working week (usually Mondays and Fridays) out of the department's North Coast Regional Office and the remainder of the week in Brisbane. That posed a few initial complexities in that I needed my own Director to be supportive, the Ministerial and Director-General's office to be on board as well as the North Coast Regional Director. There also needed to be physical office and desk space available. Everyone was very positive about the arrangement from the get go and that has continued to this day.

What was the impact on the team and what happened to make it a success, or not?

The impact on my media and public affairs teams has been negligible. The critical success factor has always been about being available to take that call or to respond quickly to an email to provide the same level of advice no matter where I am. Our department has a deep commitment to its employees having a good work-life balance, and that is particularly evident with how much the organisation has supported me over such a long time. That level of trust in your reliability, your responsiveness and your commitment to get the work done professionally and within deadline, makes it easy for me to stay motivated and provide the very best level of service I can in return.

How do you and your manager ensure business needs are met?

I never know the shape of the monster that is going to walk through my door on any given day and that makes my job all the more interesting. It keeps you on your toes and helps me stay as sharp as I can in responding to enquiries or just dispensing advice. Much of our media work has tight turnarounds with deadlines measured in minutes and hours, not so much days and weeks. In that respect, I hate missing deadlines and you can only be as good as the team that you have. Fortunately, I have a team of highly motivated go-getters that I think are well respected right throughout our great organisation. I like to think that they are known as much for their efficiency as they are for their proficiency. I am very proud to work with them and very proud to work in the department.

What would you recommend to employees and managers starting their flexible by design journey?

Flexible work is not for everyone, but when implemented in the right way, for the right person, at the right time, they can lead to tremendous business efficiencies. In many cases, it is about having the right mind set to be able to work remotely and independently, in the same way you would if you were in your base location. The secret is having a commitment for such an arrangement to work well not only for yourself, but for your business unit and your organisation. I am ever thankful that it has worked well for me and the department.