Develop a business case to implement the strategy

This is a process that helps develop a business case to support the implementation of proposed strategies.

Business cases have the greatest chance of success if stakeholders are involved fully in their development, understand the reasons for them, and are committed to their implementation.

The business case could cover:

  • priorities and gaps identified during the planning process
  • proposed strategies and rationale for their introduction, including consultation and engagement
  • risks and costs to the organisation if no action is taken
  • overview and outline of the proposed strategies
  • timeframes
  • options and scenarios considered and the reasons for the choice of the proposed options
  • relationship of the proposed strategies with strategic plans, policies, programs and processes across the organisation
  • benefits of the proposed strategies
  • cost benefit analysis of the associated costs and resource implications
  • options for resourcing, including non-traditional approaches and alternative funding sources (e.g. public private partnerships, user pays)
  • implementation plan and timeframes, including projects, structures and timelines, change management and communication plans, and performance measures.