Manage workplace change

The ability to Lead change in complex environments is one of the Leadership competencies for Queensland, recognising leaders are to embrace change, and lead with focus and optimism in an environment of complexity and ambiguity.

As the Queensland public sector embraces the Government's objectives for the community, we have an increased need to build capability in managing organisational change in agencies. Supporting employees to experience positive change will assist the sector to advance our dedication to client service.

The core elements of change management

The goal of building capability to manage transitions is to provide individuals —as leaders, managers, supervisors or team members—with the perspective, authority and skills they need to support the range of changes we are facing across the sector.

Successful change management requires:

Leaders who master the process of transitions position themselves and their teams for the greatest success in maintaining a strong, stable and productive work environment.

Put your people first

Each phase of implementation requires a plan and approach for managing the human element of change. Research shows that when the human element of change is mismanaged, the positive benefits of the organisational change will not be fully realised. However, when people feel they are a priority in the change process and feel well informed about what is to be expected, general resistance is mitigated, and team members are more ready to participate in the process.

Leaders who bring their employees into the process gain a competitive advantage by building capability to move quickly and effectively to minimise impacts on productivity during transition periods. Teams should feel empowered to provide feedback for continual improvement and share lessons to improve service delivery. Taking an open and collaborative approach to change management will also assist in fostering a future-focussed environment, where change is expected to happen and enhancements to process and systems are embraced, with the aim to provide better services to the people of Queensland.

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Get started

To begin, analyse the major challenges currently facing your team. Here are some suggested questions to build a case for change (PDF, 127 KB).