Checklist to appoint to a higher classification role

This checklist is designed to assist agencies when reviewing a request from a public service employee to be permanently appointed to the higher classification role they are performing. Section 149C of the Public Service Act 2008 (the PS Act) and Appointing a public service employee to a higher classification level (Directive 13/20) sets out the conditions for conversion. After one year, and each successive year performing higher duties, the employee may request a review once a year or if the position becomes substantively vacant.

The conversion review elements are:

  • eligible on merit principle
  • same agency as appointed or employed
  • continuous period of at least one year
  • not a casual employee, SO, SES or CE
  • genuine operational requirements
  • previous review decisions.

Under the Human Rights Act 2019, decision makers must take into account relevant human rights. Find more information about relevant human rights.