Executive performance agreements

Executives are required to develop performance agreements and be assessed on their performance from time to time, as determined by their chief executive officer (CEO). Individual executive contracts contain requirements for performance agreements and assessments.

Executives must also outline their personal development priorities, and how these will be addressed during the year.

These documents are discussed with and approved by their manager, and usually endorsed by the Director-General, or their delegate.

Executives should ensure that the performance agreements of their team are aligned, so that each team member can understand how their performance objectives contribute to the work of the department, and the sector. The Chief Executive Performance and Development template can be used for reference.

Performance and Development Agreement

  1. Executives develop their intended performance outcomes based on those of their CEO, clearly defining the expectation for high performance
  2. Executives consider their development priorities based on the Leadership competencies for Queensland and explore potential opportunities based on the advice within the template.
  3. Executives are encouraged to explore and engage in assessment and development programs to help build self-awareness and guide their development opportunities.

Mid-year review

Each executive undertakes a mid-year review with their supervisor in January/February to assess performance so far, and adjust specific objectives going forward.

End of year assessment

Executives provide a self-assessment, discuss and seek input from their supervisor in July of each year, prior to the new agreement being formed.

The executive PDA template is similar to the CEO template and includes all components of the performance cycle in the one document.

Performance agreement templates

These templates capture all processes that occur within a full year—the Agreement, Mid-year Review and Assessment.

Purpose of the senior executive service

Section 106 of the Public Service Act (2008):

106 Purposes of service and their achievement

  1. The senior executive service is continued to promote the public service's effectiveness and efficiency.
  2. Employment in the senior executive service is to be directed towards ensuring senior executives –
    1. Develop a public service wide perspective; and
    2. Continue their executive development; and
    3. Develop their skills through deployment within and outside the public service.