Assess a conduct and performance matter

This tool has been developed to help HR professionals, program leaders and team leaders in the Queensland public sector determine the severity of a possible employee conduct and performance matter. By answering some simple questions the tool will help you assess a matter and return a category under the CaPE Categorisation Framework. The results may form part of an assessment of a conduct and performance matter however, may not be the only way and is not recommended for use in isolation.

It is always advisable to consult with your agency human resources and/or ethical standards professionals.

Assessing a conduct or performance matter follows three broad stages:

  1. Initial review of the matter
  2. Determining the seriousness of the matter
  3. Manage and plan to resolve the matter

This form should take no longer than a few minutes to complete. Before commencing the tool, it is recommended that you have factual details regarding the matter being assessed in order to complete the categorisation in one sitting, as form data will not be saved.

Do not include any identifying details.

At the end of the assessment tool, you will have the opportunity to download a summary as a PDF, to be used to support your assessment processes.