Follow the performance practice cycle

As part of the performance management process, including through the application of the positive performance management principles in section 25A of the Public Service Act 2008, managers have regular performance conversations with employees.

What is the performance practice cycle?

The performance practice cycle represents the continuous process of managing employee performance, and is based on the assumption that:

  • well-designed recruitment and selection processes find the best candidate for a role.
  • when a new employee commences employment, a manager sets and makes an employee aware of the performance and conduct expectations of the role.
  • a manager pro-actively manages an employee to achieve the performance and conduct expectations of the role.
  • if performance and conduct expectations of a role are not being met, a manager takes prompt and appropriate action to address the matter.

See the key stages of the cycle below that detail the main objectives for each review period.

Recruit and select (1 to 3 months)

Onboard and induction (3 to 6 months – mid-point review)

Review performance and development agreement (12 months–final review)

Identify performance and conduct issues