Senior Executive Service officer declarations of interest

You are required to submit an annual Declaration of Interests to your chief executive, if you are:

  • an Senior Executive Service (SES) officer
  • on a section 122 contract remunerated at the equivalent SES level or above (not including vehicle or incentive packages)
  • remunerated at the equivalent SES level or above employed in a government entity (not including vehicle or incentive packages).

Directive 3/10 - Declaration of Interests - Public Service Employees (other than departmental Chief Executives)

Declaration of Interests policy

What you must declare

You must fully disclose all your interests and the relevant interests of your partner and/or dependents that have a bearing, or may be perceived to have a bearing on you doing your role properly and impartially.

See what you have to declare.

Initial declaration

When you are appointed you are required to submit a Declaration of Interests within one month.

Download the Declaration of Interests Form (DOC, 191 KB)

Interests change

If your interests change at any time during the year, you must submit a “Variation to Interests” form.

Download the Variation of Interests Form (DOC, 167 KB)

No change

If there is no change to your interests, submit a “No Variation” form:

Download the No Variation Form (DOC, 165 KB)