Appoint a senior executive

The Senior Executive Service (SES) comprises senior executive officers within the Queensland public service.

It does not include:

Under Senior Executive Service employment conditions directive, vacant SES roles must be advertised in accordance with recruitment and selection directive unless otherwise determined by the Commission Chief Executive (CCE) of the Public Service Commission (PSC).

Appointments, secondments, and interchanges

The Appointment, Secondment, and Interchange Arrangements SES Guideline sets out the processes for appointment, secondment and interchange of SES officers.


Employment conditions

The SES employment conditions directive sets out the requirements for appointment and the employment conditions (including remuneration rates) for officers appointed at the senior executive classification level.

SES standard contract template

Once the CCE PSC has appointed an individual to an established SES position, a written contract of employment for a term of up to 5 years must be entered into between the SES officer and their chief executive in accordance with sections 113 and 114 of the Public Service Act 2008.

SES contract - version 1 at 3 July 2017 (PDF, 809 KB)

This contract template should be used for:

  • a newly appointed SES officer
  • an existing SES officer appointed or transferred to a new SES position
  • an existing SES officer to be further employed in their current SES position following expiry of their current contract term, e.g. at the choice of the parties, use this new template at the end of the SES officer's 3 year term and not use the +2 year option (note: an existing SES officer should not finish their current contract term early to enter into this new contract template).

Job evaluation of SES roles

Under the recruitment and selection directive, a role evaluation must be performed for each SES role to determine the work value and applicable classification level. See the Process for the Job Evaluation of the Senior Executive Service (SES) Roles for more detail.

Change an SES profile

Under section 109 of the Public Service Act 2008, the Governor in Council must approve proposals for a SES profile change that involve a change to the:

  • number of SES positions; and/or
  • SES classification level.

Subject to support of the CCE PSC, the proposal will be submitted to the Premier for consideration and for approval to proceed to Governor in Council.

The CCE PSC may endorse changes to the SES profile where there is no change to the number and/or classification levels to the existing SES profile approved by Governor in Council. However, if the CCE PSC considers the proposal to have significant organisational implication, the proposal will be forwarded to the Premier for advice.

See the SES Profile Management Procedures for more detail.

Senior Executive Re‑Appointment

The term of a senior executive's appointment, or an extension of that term, can not be more than 5 years. If a senior executive's employment continues to the end of the initial contract, a further (new) contract of employment may be entered into. There may be multiple further contracts, provided the cumulative term of all further contracts does not exceed 5 years (the maximum extension term).

Once the maximum extension term is reached, the senior executive must be re‑appointed by the CCE PSC before a further contract of employment is entered into.

The list of re‑appointed senior executives is published by the Public Service Commission in accordance with section 110(2) of the Public Service Act 2008.