Assess the need for the position

Before you begin recruiting, identify what capabilities and diversity you need for the role to build the best team:

  • does the work need to be done on an ongoing basis?
  • does it require specialist skills?
  • how much work is there—enough for a full time position, or more than one position, or part-time?

Your options may include:

In considering these options, you need to be aware of the Queensland Government's commitment to maximising permanent employment, where possible.

Employment security

If you are considering employing a fixed term temporary employee, outsourcing the work, or employing a contractor, you need to comply with the employment security policy that ensures workforce stability by filling positions permanently (as opposed to using temporary employees) wherever appropriate.

Identify how the position contributes to the workforce plan

Assess how the position fits into your agency's strategic workforce plan, enabling you to identify the critical gaps needed at a team and individual level to achieve the short- and long-term objectives.

You can then determine what is missing or needs to be more strongly represented in your team.

Fixed term temporary employment

Employees can only be engaged on a fixed term temporary basis to meet temporary circumstances; the temporary or urgent demand for particular skills for a period of time, whether or not the time has been fixed, to ensure the continuity of service delivery.

Where there is an ongoing requirement for the role, a chief executive must fill the role permanently rather than by extended fixed term temporary employment.