Onboarding is the complete range of tasks and requirements involved with engaging a new employee in the workplace. The goal is to accommodate new team members into their roles, ensuring they feel included and welcome.

The onboarding process  may extend for weeks or months rather than the usual few days for induction. This should be in developmental stages and followed up with regular progress evaluations. It is not complete until the employee has been successfully integrated into the workplace and is achieving an acceptable level of performance.

Onboarding involves:

Onboarding addresses:

  • the strategic environment—the agency's vision and strategic plan, and the work area's business plan
  • the workplace culture—values, the agency and team culture, understanding stakeholders and clients
  • building relationships with team members
  • establishing a sense of belonging
  • building an understanding of their place and role in the agency
  • setting goals and plans to help achieve expected levels of performance and to meet identified development needs.

Things to consider

  • Ensure equipment and security access
  • Provide a welcome kit (this could be sent prior to commencement).
  • Schedule time with the supervisor and manager on first day

Performance expectations