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What are the QSat terms and conditions?

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  • Access to QSat is provided to Queensland Government agencies, Government Owned Corporations, and Local Government Authorities under licence from Planet and Geoplex as per the Planet end-user licence agreement.
  • Agencies must have signed a Contribution Schedule Licence Agreement for QSat with DNRME before accessing QSat.

Principles and conditions

Use of QSat must conform to the following principles and conditions:

  • Access and use must be for authorised purposes, as defined by this policy and procedure.
  • Users must possess an email address from a subscribed agency (e.g. name@dnrme.qld.gov.au)
  • Users must abide by the Contribution Schedule Licence Agreement for QSat that the agency has signed.
  • Queensland Government users must conform to ethical work practices as outlined in the Queensland Government Code of Conduct when using QSat;
  • Users must not use the services for private use as defined by this policy and procedure.
  • Users found to be engaging in unauthorised use may be subject to disciplinary action.
  • Usage of the site is recorded and will be monitored.
  • Users must download according to their agency’s current requirements only.


Obtain access

  • Access to QSat must be approved by an Executive Director/Director/Regional Manager or Manager.
  • Email the completed QSat Access Request form to opendata@dnrme.qld.gov.au
  • You will then receive an invitation from Planet.com for you to set up your account.

Password use and resetting

  • Passwords issued must not be provided to any other person.
  • To reset your password use the “forgot password” link on the www.planet.com/login webpage.

Disabling and reinstating QSat access

  • We undertake 6 monthly reviews of user access. If a user does not access QSat for a period of six months, the administrator will automatically remove their access without consultation.
  • Reinstatement of a deleted account will require a new QSat Access Request form to be submitted.
  • If you change your position, agency, name or email address, we will automatically disable your account. You must reapply for access as per the procedures outlined above.
  • Some data products are available for free in the Queensland Globe and through the Open Data portal (https://data.qld.gov.au/).

Planet end-user licence agreement

Planet quarterly mosaic products

Quarterly mosaic products including the Planet provided GIS service and the mosaics viewable in the Planet Explorer platform are restricted to use for Queensland Government entity internal purposes only as permitted below:

  1. To access and view the Content for internal use only
  2. To print and make copies (including digital copies) of the Content for internal use only
  3. To create Derivative Products of the Content for internal use only, where “Derivative Products” means any derivative product or information developed by you from the Content that does not contain any imagery data from the Content and is irreversibly modified and uncoupled from the Content
  4. To distribute derivative works on a non-commercial, not-for-profit basis, and with no rights of resale.

Planet scenes and explorer images

Any image (scene) downloaded from the platform is restricted to use for Queensland Government entity internal purposes as above.

Intellectual property ownership

Ownership of derived works will remain with the creator, with the exception of elevation models and data containing the original imagery.


When using Planet image products in a map or other published document, the following copyright statement is to be displayed adjacent to the image:

Includes material © Planet Labs Netherlands B.V. 2016, reproduced under licence from Planet and Geoplex, all rights reserved.