What are the customer 1st behaviours?

  • Walking in their shoes: Building empathy and taking the time to understand the customer and their context.
  • Working it together: Collaborating and working across boundaries to get the best outcome for the customer.
  • Turning up: Being present, engaged and proactive.
  • Saying what no one else will: Being a customer advocate and speaking up appropriately.
  • Suspending self-interest: Doing what’s best for the customer by taking ourselves out of the equation to see the big picture.
  • Tailoring it: Understanding that each colleague and customer is different and then adapting your style to get the best outcome.
  • Upping my game: Finding and making improvements to make a positive difference to our colleagues and customers.
  • Owning it: Taking accountability, knowing what needs to be done and taking pride in delivering the best possible outcome.