Use questionnaires in Springboard

You can add extra questions to your job advertisement to help you shortlist candidates.

It’s a good idea to do this when you expect to receive many applications for your vacancy or your role has mandatory prerequisites.

You can add filters to each question so that Springboard automatically sorts applications based on responses.

It’s not a good idea to add too many extra questions to your job ad because this can reduce applications too much.

How to add a questionnaire

To have a questionnaire added to your job ad, contact QSS Recruitment with the following information:

  • your extra questions
  • details of filters or rules or both to apply
  • details of answers you consider to be a pass and a fail
  • information about what action/s you want to happen in Springboard.

We will name your questionnaire with a combination of department and vacancy names. You can reuse the questionnaire in future.

Existing questionnaires

If you want to use an existing questionnaire, you can either attach it to the Request to hire form or make a note in the comments section of the form telling us the name of the questionnaire to use.

Before submitting the Request to hire

If you know that you want to use a questionnaire before submitting the Request to hire form, you can email your questions to us at We’ll build the questionnaire, send a draft to you for approval, and add it to the vacancy once you submit the Request to hire form.


You can add questions using the following formats:

  • Radio buttons—use when customers must select one of 2 responses
  • Radio list text—as above, with a free text field added
  • Dropdown list—use when customers can select one of multiple responses
  • Text only—use when you want customers to be able to enter text responses
  • Multi checklist—use when you want customers to be able to select multiple answers


You can add filters to questions that don’t use free text fields for responses.

If you apply a ‘mandatory’ status to the filter, you can set ‘pass’ or ‘fail’ for each possible answer.

You can then apply a rule to the vacancy that if a candidate passes or fails the questionnaire, the application will automatically move to a selected folder in Springboard. For example, if the successful candidate needs to have a university qualification, candidates who answer no to the question, ‘Do you have a university degree?’ will have their application moved to the ‘Not Shortlisted’ folder in Springboard.

The panel chair will still have access to these applications up to the point of selection; the filters and rules in the questionnaire just help you shortlist applications.


Email with your job ad reference number to get a report containing:

  • Job ad reference number (Req reference)
  • Position title used on Smart Jobs ad (Req jobtitle)
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email
  • Mobile phone
  • Status (Springboard folder the application is currently in)
  • Score (not applicable)

The report also shows each question with all candidates’ answers so you can filter to find suitable candidates.


Adding a questionnaire to the Request to hire form means that we may exceed our standard processing timeframe. Ask us for details.