Update or request a QSS form

QSS creates and maintains PDF forms for QSS business areas that relates to services we provide to agencies. If you need a new form or changes to an existing one, here’s what to do.

Find a contact

Search our contacts to find the business owner of the relevant area.

Get in touch

You will need to provide the form owner with:

  • form name(s) and number(s)
  • description of changes—in a complete, consistent and literal way (e.g. change x to y, remove z), including
    • where to publish/update/remove
    • when to publish/update/remove
    • list of affected agencies
  • contact person (for clarifications).

What happens then?

Your QSS contact will workflow your requested changes within QSS and advise you when the form is ready.

Generally, our forms team updates forms within 3–10 days of receiving your request (we make high priority changes as soon as possible).

More information

For more information, email forgov@hpw.qld.gov.au.