Understand building product non-conformance

You must use conforming building products on government building projects. It is important for the safety of our buildings and their occupants.

If you are involved in delivering construction or maintenance, you need to understand how to comply and obtain evidence of suitability.

What is a non-conforming building product?

A non-conforming building product:

  • is not, or will not, be safe
  • does not, or will not, comply with the relevant regulatory provisions, or
  • does not perform, or is not capable of performing, for the use to the standard it is represented to perform by or for a person in the chain of responsibility for the product.

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Queensland Building and Construction Commission Act 1991

Since August 2017 the Queensland Government is ensuring that products used on buildings are fit for their intended purpose by placing greater responsibility on those within the building product supply chain.

Combustible cladding

Inappropriate use of cladding products with combustible content can result in external fire spread via the building façade. In these circumstances it is possible that the fire could overwhelm the building’s fire safety systems.

When using any combustible cladding products (such as some aluminium composite panel (ACP) materials), you must make sure that its use complies with relevant Queensland legislation and the National Construction Code.

The Queensland Government has committed to not using any polyethylene (PE) core ACP products in government construction projects, even for uses that comply with the current construction code.

You must:

  • talk to your agency contact before using any ACP or other combustible cladding products on a government building project, and
  • engage a specialist building professional (e.g. fire engineers and building certifiers) to ensure that the cladding product is safe to use on your project.

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If you are unsure about any aspect of non-conforming building products, ask your agency contact for help and advice.

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