TMR builds digital capability

Developing a ‘digital by default’ department for Queenslanders

In 2016 the Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) released the TMR Digital Strategic Plan 2016-2020, outlining 6 priority areas to achieve a digital vision of connecting customers and powering delivery.

The strategy outlines a new approach to digital delivery that puts customer outcomes at the centre of everything it does. The approach aims to enable us to meet the challenges and expectations of an increasingly digital world and ensure we’re well positioned to proactively respond to disruptive innovation.

Through a range of initiatives and project work, we’re changing the way we identify and deliver digital outcomes while building capability in agile and iterative delivery, customer co-design and design thinking for creative problem solving.

What we’re doing

A key focus of our approach is to build awareness and provide staff with support, guidance and networks to empower digital thinking. We’re using our enterprise social network, Yammer, extensively to provide opportunities for staff to get involved in initiatives and share success stories. The Digital Capability Yammer group has almost 600 members, with many acting as change champions within their teams. The group is consistently in the top 10 Yammer groups in the TMR network.

We’re also offering events and workshops including an annual ‘Design Thinking Week’ in June. The aim of the week is to encourage teams to use design thinking as a tool to develop creative, customer-focused products and services. We provide workshops, presentations and interactive sessions during the week to share expertise and begin embedding a digital culture with a strong focus on customer experience and timely delivery.

We launched our Digital Incubator in 2018 to investigate, prototype and validate new digital opportunities. The initiative provides support and resources to nurture ideas and turn them into something tangible to test and further develop. As well as rapidly testing promising new technologies, the incubator models human-centred design practices to enable digital innovation and further strengthen digital capability. We’re currently exploring a pipeline of opportunities and proofs of concept through the incubator.

We are committed to challenging the status quo in search of better outcomes and helping our people work differently so we remain relevant and responsive to the expectations of our digitally empowered customers.

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