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Use this form to:

  • advertise a permanent, temporary or casual role on the Smart jobs and careers website or commercial job site, and in newspapers
  • ask us to create an ad for an expression of interest (EOI) in your agency, which we won’t publish anywhere. We’ll send this to you to distribute.

If you have multiple vacancies for the same role you only need to complete this form once for all vacancies. They will be listed in 1 advertisement (e.g. Project manager x 3 positions).

By using this form to advertise your role, you will be able to access and shortlist your applicants in Springboard.

Before you begin

You will need:

  • to attach a role description in Word format to this form—approved by your agency and ready for publishing (this doesn’t apply to EOIs). Your role description and ad must use the same job title, but this can be different to what’s recorded on the position and employee listing (establishment). You may want to improve the title used in the establishment to attract applicants. Contact your HR team if you need help with a role description
  • to attach a Word document if you want extra questions for applicants in your ad—approved by your agency
  • to include the wording for your ads in this form or attach a file—see types of ads and their character limits before you start
  • financial approval for advertising that incurs a cost (e.g. a Seek or CareerOne ad)
  • the cost centre number to be charged for this request.

If your vacancy is for less than 12 months, consider using Talent Now to recruit a current employee instead of completing this form.

Advertising fees and options


We charge a standard fee for processing this request. This standard service level agreement fee covers advertising a role on Smart jobs (either to the public or only to Queensland Government employees), or creating an EOI ad.

If you want to advertise on any other website or in newspapers, there will be extra costs involved. See examples and prices of website and newspaper ads.


When you advertise a role to the public on Smart jobs, it is also advertised on the job site, Indeed, at no cost.

We cannot advertise on LinkedIn or on the paid area of Indeed for you. Each agency has an account for advertising in these locations and you will need to talk to your agency contact about this.

Where possible, consider advertising in locations that will help us honour our inclusion and diversity commitment.

Extra questions for applicants

If you expect to receive a high number of applications, you can add extra questions to your ad. We can then put filters and rules against these extra questions to help you shortlist applicants.

If you want extra questions, attach a Word document to this form with:

  • your extra questions
  • details of filters or rules or both to apply
  • details of answers you consider to be a pass and a fail
  • information about what action/s you want to happen in Springboard.

We can show you a preview of how your extra questions will look before we publish your Smartjobs ad. Choosing to add extra questions may add 2 business days to our standard processing time of 3 days. If you choose to have filters set up, contact us once you’re ready to start shortlisting and we’ll send you a report of filtered applications. Learn more about types of extra questions and how they can make shortlisting easier.

Using an external recruitment agency

If you’re using an external recruitment agency to manage your process, and you would like them to use Springboard, you will need to give us their contact details in this form.

Next steps and timeframes

After you submit this form, it will be sent to your nominated approver/s. Once approved, we will process your request within 3 business days. This timeframe is a maximum and is agreed with your agency in our service level agreement.

If you’re only advertising on Smart jobs, Seek or CareerOne and we don’t have any questions about your request, you will hear from us once we’ve set up and scheduled your ads.

If you’re advertising in a newspaper or on a website other than Seek or CareerOne, we will contact you with a cost estimate before booking the ads (in the case of newspaper ads, we’ll also show you a proof).

If you are advertising an EOI, we will send you a private link to your ad for you to share.

As the person filling in this form, you will be known as the hiring manager (you may also be the panel chair and the contact for applicants—you can be 1, 2 or all 3 of these roles). As the hiring manager, you are the person we will contact if we have questions about advertising this role.

Contact our recruitment team if you need help with this form.