Technology requirements for distributed work centre participants

Technology is a vital component of distributed working and directly impacts your productivity when working at a distributed work centre (DWC).

Participants need to be tech savvy and manage their own technology requirements (including trouble-shooting).

What you need to bring

Agencies need to supply their own participants with a mobile technology kit:

  • laptop or tablet computer
  • mobile phone

No landline desk phones, computers, or printers are provided at the DWC.

Network and internet connections

Working at a DWC does not provide direct access to agencies networks. Each department is responsible for enabling their participants to connect to departmental systems through the internet.

You will need to connect to your agency network through the internet using either Guest Wi-Fi or a data SIM card. 


Monitors are provided on some workstations at the DWC as a courtesy to those who sometimes prefer connecting to a larger screen.

Workstations with monitors are identified on the booking system

Connecting to the monitors can be done in various ways and is the responsibility of participants. A travel dock may be required for connectivity. The monitors provided have been recycled and the screens provided vary in size, quality and connection cables.