Technology requirements for distributed work centre participants

Technology is a vital component of distributed working and directly impacts your productivity when working at a  distributed work centre (DWC).

Your department needs to fund and supply you with mobile technology to work at a DWC. You need to be tech savvy and able to trouble-shoot.

We don’t provide landline desk phones, computers or printers in the DWCs.

Essential requirements

Smart phone

You’ll need a modern, large-screen smartphone with a call or data plan that supports all day usage. The phone may need the capability of being tethered to the mobile computing device.

It will need to support the Skype for Business application.

Tablet or laptop

This must have a SIM card, webcam, and a 4G card installed.

Mobile data plan

You’ll need a mobile data plan with a monthly allowance of at least 5 GB. This should be shared between the phone and the laptop or tablet.

Wireless broadband access

Your laptop or tablet must have a 4G card installed and be able to navigate to your agency’s network.

This is your primary source of connection. Although the centres have free guest wifi, you shouldn’t rely on this as your only connection to the internet. 

Optional equipment

Although not essential, these items can make it easier to work comfortably:

  • Separate wireless mouse and keyboard for comfort
  • Travel dock device for connecting to monitors in the centre
  • USB headset for privacy when using skype

Facilities at the DWC

Guest Wi-Fi

Wifi is available to DWC users. The wifi password will be sent to you on the first day of each month. 

The wifi is provided as a courtesy, and it:


Some monitors are provided at the DWC if you prefer connecting to a larger screen. These vary in size, quality and connection cables. Connecting to the monitors is your responsibility to sort out, and may require a travel dock for connectivity.