Technology requirements for distributed work centre participants

Technology is a vital component of distributed working and directly impacts your productivity when working at a distributed work centre (DWC).

Participants need to be tech savvy and manage their own technology requirements (including trouble-shooting).

What you need to bring

Agencies need to supply their own participants with a mobile technology kit:

  • laptop or tablet computer
  • mobile phone

No landline desk phones or computers are provided at the DWC.

Network, internet connection and printing services

Wi-Fi connectivity has been upgraded and printing services have been installed at each DWC, providing an enhanced working experience for most users. Wi-Fi and printing access is based on an agency’s level of integration with the Collaborative Workspace ICT Services. Each agency is responsible for DWC user system connectivity.

Users will need to connect to their agency network through the internet using Collaborative  Workspace ICT Services Wi-Fi or a data SIM card. 

Computer monitors

Dual high-definition computer monitors are installed at all DWCs. Workstations with the dual monitor set-up are identified on the online booking system. These set-ups include a docking monitor which incorporates USB-C connectivity and a built-in HD webcam.