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Submit a Contracts Committee proposal

You are required to submit a procurement strategy for high risk or significant (HRS) building projects to the Contracts Committee in accordance with the Capital Works Management Framework.

Should you have any questions or concerns about the status of the high risk or significant (HRS) building projects and the requirements for the Contract Committee proposal, please contact Contract Services contractservices@hpw.qld.gov.au

Start by submitting your original procurement proposal if you are seeking advice as to the most appropriate procurement strategy for your project. When you have more detail, submit your procurement strategy, nominating your preferred and alternate building contract type and, where appropriate, non-price criteria and weightings.

Your proposal can:

  • seek the committee’s endorsement of a proposed procurement strategy and/or contract


  • seek guidance or direction.

Committee members have a wealth of experience and a strong understanding of whole-of-government building related procurement policies and building industry priorities and concerns.

Template for proposals

Use the Contracts Committee submission template which can be found in the Building construction and maintenance - templates.

Submit a proposal

Contact Contract Services for the meeting schedule and to submit your proposal.

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