Subject matter expert


What is this?

You contribute content to For government or a franchise as a SME
A part-time resource
Level of expertise
Basic writing skills and subject matter expertise


Content ownership

You contribute the information you want published. The core team or partners will edit your content to meet best practice web communication standards, then publish it to the appropriate area of For government. You will have a single point of contact who will update and maintain your page/s.

Lower resourcing requirement

A single person can contribute to your area on For government.


Outsource technical skills

You do not need editorial skills, web skills or training in the content management system. Contribute information about your area of expertise and we’ll do the rest, leaving you to focus on the quality of information and services you provide.

Tap into external expertise

Take advantage of our experience to oversee online content management and compliance, and assist you with content strategy. Our methodology builds on the lessons learned from the successful model applied to government-to-citizen franchises on

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